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    Afternoon all,

    METAR EGFF 231120Z AUTO 28009KT 9999 BKN032 21/16 Q1014

    Decidedly muggy today.


      Lunch: ham cobs and a bag of plain crisps

      This was apple flavoured ham, which is NEW! at Sainsbury's. It's nice enough, but I think it's probably more appropriate for something made with ham, rather than just on its own; a salad or that kind of thing.


        Very tired today, probably because of sleeping badly, which in turn is probably due to this ear infection. It seems to gradually be clearing up now though


          Tea: chicken in red wine sauce with chips and peas. Very nice


            Front hedge now had it’s late summer trim. Filled 2 dumpy bags with what I took off on the lane side. Next cut will be when the leaves are off.
            In other news, the swelling has gone from my left hand, but been replaced with a general ache from using the Stihl hedge clipper Kombi unit at the top of a ladder for 2 hours.
            …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


              The car earlier was a BMW Z1, which had weird doors. Currently SORN, but its MOT is valid until next April

              And later, some more of the Brighton nighttime policing thing. Several of the cops come out with guff about Brighton's "dark underbelly that the public never see" and so on. Personally, I've been very much aware of it every time I've been there; it's a pretty unpleasant town, and if you haven't realised that it's full of junkies, you must be living in a dream world

              Goodnight all


                Morning denizens

                Cloudy out but some gaps seem to be opening up, though it's not expected to really brighten up until lunchtime. Currently 19°C with 26° predicted, and the barometers are back up a little at 1007/1014mB










                  Slightly less cool in here at 21.8 deg.

                  1010 mBar, 29.825 in Hg, 757.56 Torr, 14.6488 psi, (up from 1009 lst night), 70% RH.

                  Wednesday allegedly.

                  Meanwhile back on December 7th 2018, Churchy was back in Bolton, NF had ham toasties for lunch, and I failed to find any reduced price Eccles Cakes in Morrisons so I bought kippered mackerel instead.

                  Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the unexpected sunshine, whilst there are black clouds over the Swansea valley.

                  Entertainment: Y&Y.

                  Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato (with The Black Spots cut off) on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toasted crust, bramble jelly slice of toast, marmalade slice of toast, red pippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Freecell score: 100%, running average 85% (84.868%).

                  More gardening: 15 buckets of apples met the compost heap including those that I don't normally bother with under the arum lillies, plus a bucket of windfall (or jackdaw fall) pears.

                  Loads of bramble hacked back. Must have a bonfire soon.

                  Tea: meatballs with rice n peas, a yog, the last of the peach slices, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: PM: The Toad of Downing Street, Bunter, the fat owl of the remove, is in Ukraine again.

                  Probly coz they like the useless **** there.

                  Wheeler Dealers S11 E13: 100th car: 1903 8HP Darracq Type L. On the London to Brighton Run. That was a cracking ep. £800 to repair the waterpump. . Soaking the wheels to make the wood expand. Rebuilding one wheel by HM's Royal Wheel Builder. Who'd have thunk there was such a thing?

                  Commentary on Alias S5 E8 "Bob": why do I immediately do the Rowan Atkinson version of "Bob"?

                  Alias S5 E9 "The Horizon": the one where Sydney gets kidnapped.

                  The Repair Shoppe: one of those globe seat things that cost £250 back in the early 70s, a table, a pancake cooking dog toy.

                  Alias S5 E10 "S. O. S.": the brainwashing one on the tanker.

                  Something else if I get bored with alias: that thing on BBC Alba in Gaelic with subtitles Mach a Seo!: this week Aberdeenshire.

                  Dr. Pimple Popper S3 E15. lipoma etc. She's got a different nurse. That's one big motherfecker of a lipoma. Now it's a nutjob who doesn't want to show the good Dr the lump on his head. Duh. So how the feck is she going to remove it, dufus. It's a cyst.
                  Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 24 August 2022, 21:55.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Morning all
                    Walk done in dry but humid conditions, now light rain which looks like it could be set in for a while as there's no wind.
                    …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                      Morning all

                      Cloudy yet sunny. Currently 21 degrees with a high of 27 forecast. Low chance of rain. Barometer up to 1016 mBar.

                      Packing for holiday, getting the 1227 Lizzy Line to T4. Singapore is currently 29 degrees and a 30% chance of rain.