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    Quite a bit of rain here through the afternoon, which meant the grass didn’t get it’s usual Thursday cut. Good news is the garden doesn’t need watering and hopefully the apple trees will slow down their June drop.
    In other news, Mrs Fox was through about half an hour ago and while the Arlo cameras will have got videos, I may have got a few grainy stills, which will be worked on tomorrow.

    For now, TFBSZ.
    {emotionless greeting}

    Three Word Slogan


      The car earlier (though not as early as it used to be) was a Triumph TR7, and some of the opal miners had good luck. And then later, a bit more old Police Interceptors

      In between all that, I finished reading The Death of Grass.

      I determined that the recycling bin wasn't full enough to bother trundling. It would have been if I'd taken my recycling down, but I couldn't be bothered. Maybe I'll get it done first thing tomorrow, but I doubt it

      On current evidence, these antibiotics aren't working as well as they ought to, so I'll have to hassle the dentist again tomorrow

      Goodnight all


        The Journey was excellent if only I could believe Martin McGuinness were that noble or The rev Ian Paisley that principled.

        And it included B'liar
        "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

        I want to see the hand of history on his collar.


          Morning all

          A bit overcast but might cancel a meeting this afternoon to cut the grass.

          One of the latest brood of great tits didn't make it through the night
          {emotionless greeting}

          Three Word Slogan


            Morning denizens

            Sunny start again though with a fair few patches of the fluffy stuff, 13°C at the moment and 19° expected, chance of showers this afternoon(70%), and the barometers are up a bit at 1006/1014mB

            Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
            On current evidence, these antibiotics aren't working as well as they ought to, so I'll have to hassle the dentist again tomorrow
            Oh, me of little faith! Although things aren't yet 100%, an inflection point may have been reached overnight so perhaps the antibiotics will come good in the final day - though I still need to call the dentist, as I'm going to need a root canal doing in that tooth anyway


              Originally posted by vetran View Post
              The Journey was excellent if only I could believe Martin McGuinness were that noble or The rev Ian Paisley that principled.

              And it included B'liar
              That's one of Colin Bateman's films. He also wrote Divorcing Jack, which is worth watching.
              While Journey is a work of fiction, there are elements of it that are based in truth. McGuinness believed he was fighting against oppressive invaders (If I called them "armed illegal immigrants, taking land and jobs", would that help you understand how he viewed some?), as such it was a noble cause, getting Ireland's land back for the Irish. Paisley was very principled when it came to his religious belief - when he wasn't talking politics his principles were clear and he stuck to them. He was also a great orator and could rally a crowd very easily.
              If you see past their failings, then yes, it's close to true.
              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan


                Morning all

                Blue sky with lumps of fluff this morning. Currently 16 degrees with a high of 21 expected. No rain forecast. Barometer up to 1016 mBar.

                The coffee machine decided to bleat about wanting a proper clean when I switched it on. I couldn't be dealing with that first thing so a quick 'off and on again' at the main switch on the back and normality resumed. I'll give it a good clean at the weekend, or maybe later today.


                  Oh, how the Chuckle Brothers are missed.


                  Damply dry.

                  Blue sky in parts.

                  Wanly sunny.

                  Cool in here at 19 deg.

                  1012 mBar, in Hg, Torr, psi, (up from 1010 last night), 72% RH.


                  Smalls in the WM.

                  Smalls out of the WM and into the TD.

                  Shirts in the WM.

                  Entertainment: Bono on DID.

                  Smalls out of the TD and airing upstairs.

                  Shirts out of the WM and into the TD.

                  Cottons in the WM.

                  Shirts out of the TD & roughly iRoned, now airing upstairs.

                  Cottons out of the WM and into the TD.

                  Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toast (forgot about the crust), yellow corner yog, bramble jelly & marmalade sandwiches, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: some prog or other on R4 about CRT & white privilege. It's not very inneresting. .

                  Cottons out of the TD and iRoned where necessary.

                  The next batch of fiery bol and chilli con carne duly cooked and about to meet the freezer for enhancement of the fieriness over the next weeks.

                  Now there's a fly in here. .

                  Fly duly instructed on how to leave via the back door rather than being squashed which was the alternative.

                  Walk (much abbreviated) walked. It even managed not to rain on me.

                  Tea: battered cod, some peach slices, a yog or two, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: Discovering Henry Fonda.

                  Farscape S4 E2 "What was lost: Part 1: Sacrifice". Commandant Cleavage is back. :tounge Dunno if it's me, of the way Horror chops the crap out of everything that might upset the kiddies, but I'm finding this a bit hard to follow.

                  Also I appear to have close to zero recollection of any of it, which is curious.

                  Wheeler Dealers S16 E3 Audi S4 Avant. Currently on mute due to Motor Mouth.

                  Stone me, that's a complicated engine to work on. Glad I've never wanted one of those. .

                  Followed by What killed Audrey Hepburn (cancer as it transpires).

                  What killed Marilyn Monroe: and overdose. Makes a change from the Kennedy assassination squad I suppose.

                  Freecell score: 87%, running average 85%.

                  History's greatest mysteries: more bollox on Blaze, this one is about DB Cooper, the chap who jumped out of a hijacked plane back in the day.

                  Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 1 July 2022, 22:22.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Young people and music festivals -
                    "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                      What is it with all these companies that claim you can change your address online and then say "we can't do that, please call" then you're on the phone for an hour waiting and listening to messages telling you to use their website. I would use your bloody website if it worked. Do you think I choose to waste an hour of my life to do something that should take 5 minutes?