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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    In a bid to empty the freezer I've dug out chicken carcases and whatnot in an attempt at making a chicken stock.
    It tastes ok! Not sure what I'll do with it, mind.


      {emotionless greeting}

      Three Word Slogan


        I wanted to go to bed about an hour ago but upstairs were having a party. They seem to have shut up, or at least turned the volume down, so I'm hoping it stays that way!


          Tonight's major motion picture premiere was Lovelace (2013). A good film about bad things happening to a good person

          And then I fancied something with lots of shiny special effects and such that was wholly divorced from reality and, as I haven't watched it in probably a few months, that meant a rewatch of Passengers (2016). It's still good

          Goodnight all






            Cool at 18 deg in here.

            1012 mBar, 29.88 in Hg, 759.1 Torr, 14.6778 psi, (down from 1017 yesterday), 74% RH.


            That fat ugly useless mother****er Bunter, the fat owl of the remove, is starring on this morning's Broadcasting House.

            I suppose I'd better get on with cooking whatever the feck that is that I defrosted from the unmarked pack from the freezer.

            It may be chicken.

            It was chicken breast in little chunks with bacon (Morrisons reduced), a red corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Even remembered to get the roasties out of the oven before eating the rest. .

            Entertainment: Just a minute: very funny.

            The food programme: starts with a blacksmith blacksmithing. .

            Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the grey gloom.

            Three more early purple orchids spotted thereon.

            Swans family spotted on the fishpond.

            Still no sign of the swan family on the first pond.

            Tea: baked potato with cheese & baked beans, bramble jelly & marmalade sandwiches, some fruit cocktail, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: Breaking Mysteriouis: 3 eps of this bollox on Blaze. .

            In the absence of the Oak Island nutjobs, there's the Skinwalker Ranch nutjobs.

            Now if one digs holes on the Skinwalker Ranch then Very Bad Things Happen.

            So naturally enough you get a big feck off drilling machine & put a couple of cans down a pair of holes (small by Oak Island can standards but big enough).

            Apparently this does Odd Things to the local magnetic field and to the gamma ray count, whilst the local radio frequency stuff goes minorly apetulip crazy.

            Then again, you get a "back hoe" (not that sort of hoe) and dig a couple of trenches where cows have been killed & organs removed, whilst finally going to A Rock which the previous owners have stated "Don't Dig Here", move the fecker & dig a trench where it had been.

            Next week The Skinwalker turns up & kills them all.

            As nutjobbery goes, this is off the scale.

            For some reason I needed "Breathe", "On the run", and "Time", followed by "Comfortably Numb", all off the Pulse CD.

            "The people vs Agent Orange" on PBS: another stunning example of the environmental concerns of Septic Industry.

            As well as poisoning the Vietnamese they also poisoned the inhabitants of Oregon.

            Those Vietnamese childern horrifically affected by this filth.

            4 children murdered in Oregon in an arson attack. "Do you know where your children are" as asked by some of the chemical companies murderous scumbags.

            Here we go:


            As is only rite & proper, it's from the Fail.

            Well if the Agent Orange doesn't get you, then the non stick tulip will.

            Doomed etc.

            Good to see the courts are as corrupt as ever:

            Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 22 May 2022, 22:11.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning all

              CBS, etc. Time to hit the garden.
              {emotionless greeting}

              Three Word Slogan


                Morning all

                Blue sky from my vantage point. Currently 19 degrees with a high of 23 later. Rain expected overnight. Barometer down to 1016 mBar.

                Off to get my head scanned today. All usual jokes accepted! Quite looking forward to the walk up to Paddington as it'll take me through Kensington Gardens. Must remember sunglasses to protect my eyes coming from all the crud still coming off the plane trees.


                  Afternoon denizens

                  Fair few clouds about outside but also a fair few gaps between them and a lot of them aren't that thick yet, so it's sunny spells at the moment; though I believe it'll get cloudier from around now. A pleasant enough 19°C, and the barometers are down again at 1004/1012mB


                    It was a very hot walk up to Paddington and back. Very glad I wore black.


                      Lunch: a toasted teacake absolutely slathered in butter

                      Grey out but up to 21°C, which is higher than was originally forecast. Turns out it's now expected to reach 22°