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    Tea has been ribs and chips

    This means there's now space for one portion of the ribs I'll be making tomorrow

    Different sauce tomorrow though; I remembered to get some of that fancy mango chutney, so I'll be trying to remember how I made the sauce with that last time as it was really nice


      Teeming down here now


        Bron/Broen S3E4 on the box tonight

        Rain seems to have settled in for the night

        Goodnight all






          Black verging on dark grey.


          Not currently precipitating but it looks like the end of the world out there.

          Warmer at 15.9 deg in here this morning.

          1006 mBar, 29.7 inHg, 56% RH.

          Tuesday allegedly.

          Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
          Does Staples still exist?

          Everywhere seems to have gone into administration unless they are a big supermarket.
          Not only has Staples gone (), the company that replaced it (Office Outlet ) has gone too.


          TV Times bought.

          Walk in the unending greyness of the drizzle walked.

          Pleasant enough if you like that sort of thing.

          An hour to fill until lunch.

          I wonder if I can find Yet More Xmas & Birthday cards of Yore to crumble up ready for incineration. :Pyromaniac:


          More cards binned.

          Lunch: Heinz ham and pea soup with Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed bread, blackcurrant jam sandwich on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower & spelt crust, red corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          Freecell score: 100% of 5 games, running average 84% (83.6ish).

          The rain eased off for a while so 7 binbags of cards got incinerated.

          Tea: Tesco chunky breaded haddock, a very over ripe mango, good in parts, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          Entertainment: part of the Irish customs thing on Pick.

          DS9 "The Visitor" on Pick, being the one where Sisko gets blasted into subspace in a warp core escrusion.

          I like that one, it's alternate future history.

          Currently: Something's Killing Me: this one's about the cyanide in the Tylenol(tm), a.k.a. Paracetamol.

          Next: Carol Vorderman's Closer to Home.

          Shackleton's Frozen Hell on Smithsonian.

          Bad Skin Clinic: a lady with a gigantic keloid on her earlobe, flown 6000 miles to get to London.

          Keloid removed, radiation therapy to discourage its return, then 6000 miles back again.

          A lady with bad hands. ?Palmoplantar pustulosis? possible fungal infection on top.

          No infection: she's on medication, which, apparently smells horrid.

          Two months later she's much improved.

          Now a chap with lumps on his head.

          Lipoma. She's only doing the big one, which turned out to be a big one & a little one in addition.

          Now a lady with melasma.

          There's a magic cream to reduce uva, uvb, and visible light exposure, plus some tablets & such like.

          Stone me, 3 or 4 different creams, one after the other, ending up with SPF50 suncream.

          Which seems to have worked very well.
          Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 26 January 2021, 18:06. Reason: wot's an escrusion then?
          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Morning all

            Dull and damp out. There was rain earlier but none at this moment in time, and the ground seems to be drying up. It's a balmy 12 degrees ('feels like' 9) and that's the high for the day. Rain expected this afternoon.

            Just about to drink my litre of water and then I'll be wandering down to C&WH for my scan. HWMBO reckons they will have closed all the loos due to covid...

            Today's Kantar diary fact is:
            Verde's opera 'Il Trovatore' premiers in Rome 1853


              dull and damp this morning
              I'm bored again.
              Entropy is NOT what it used to be.
              Inertia, however........................


                Scan done (very uncomfortable but needs must and all that) and all is ok



                  I can now see some blue sky.

                  High today of 12 and currently 11 degrees. Forecast is grey skies and rain.

                  I didn't notice until today there is a sign saying "No smoking" near the hole. Problem is that it isn't directed at the traffic and lots of people smoke in their private cars....
                  "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                    The walk to C&WH was a bit dull and damp but for the walk back, the sun came out and it was rather pleasant.

                    I decided to log the walk as 'activity' so I'd get timing stats:

                    Out - 1.19 miles, 19 mins, average 15m54s pace

                    Return - 1.07 miles, 19 mins, average 17m58s pace

                    The reduced distance was due to a different route and the longer duration was due to waiting to cross the road a couple of times and not thinking to 'pause' the counter. I'm happy with getting closer to the 15 minute mile pace


                      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                      Scan done (very uncomfortable but needs must and all that) and all is ok

                      The loos were open ?

                      seriously good to hear!
                      "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

                      I want to see the hand of history on his collar.