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    Originally posted by SueEllen View Post
    Some of my insect bites on my leg have been found to contain pus. Others are itchy.

    I don't know when I got them.

    Lot of that kind of thing about

    Tea has been sausages, bacon, fried egg, chips and beans. Very nice, and probably all five-a-day by some definition


      The crud coming off the plane trees is doing my eyes in. Horrible trees, surely they can't be native? A cursory Google implies they are some septic hybrid introduced to London in the 18/19thC when people thought they knew better.

      Anyway. Portuguese was tough but I was starting to warm up by the end. i will be popping in to see the tutor early next week to go over things I missed in a vain hope of catching up.


        {emotionless greeting}

        Three Word Slogan


          The car earlier was a Lancia sports car, though they were originally planning to do one of those old Rover 3500s before discovering it was too far gone.

          Then Italian bicycling happened and no more telly was seen until later: a couple more episodes of S9 of The Repair Shop

          I've noticed that iPlayer is showing S9E20 as watched for me even though I haven't got that far, so I suspect that for some reason it was released ahead of its time, which might explain why ladymuck reckoned she'd seen it before (if that was the episode in question).

          I don't think the itching is quite as bad as it was this time last night, but I still reckon I'll have to rely on how knackered I am after the minimal amount of sleep I got then to get to sleep any time soon tonight

          A bloke on Twitter who's had shingles reckoned the antivirals started making a difference for him after about twenty-four hours, so maybe things will start improving by lunchtime tomorrow. Can't come soon enough for me

          Oh, and the promised evening showers arrived pretty much on schedule, but seem to have moved on now.

          Goodnight all


            Morning all

            This thread is currently showing as last updated by LM yesterday lunchtime.

            In other news, it's a bit misty out, but otherwise a pleasant walk was had.
            {emotionless greeting}

            Three Word Slogan


              Morning denizens

              Sunny start out, with the temperature already at a scorching 15°C

              No more than 21° expected later though, so not too bad. Showers likely in the evening again, possibly going on into the night. Barometers are up again at 1012/1019mB

              In foul disease news: the antivirals seem to have started to do their work overnight. Although still a bit itchy here and there from time to time, overall levels of itchiness have been massively reduced. I'm hoping that the creation of new spots has now come to a halt, because there are a lot of them and frankly I could do without them. But if the drugs continue to do their thing, I assume it's just a matter of waiting for them to be cleared up by the body's repair mechanisms. Anyway, I had a decent night's sleep for the most part, for which relief much thanks





                Cool at 18.4 deg in here.

                <prepares for the discomfort of getting up to tap the barometer>

                1015 mBar, 29.973 in Hg, 761.3 Torr, 14.72 psi (up from 1011 last night), 73% RH.

                Wednesday apparently.

                Ow ow ow.

                Entertainment: "Lifechanging": thing on R4 about an undercover policeman involved in Operation Julie back in '76 / '77.

                Living in a transit van in the summer of '76 must have been fun, probably rather more so than living in it in the winter thereof.

                Shopping trip to Wilko & Tesco done dusted washed dried sanitised & put away.

                Knackered now but the back seems to have survived the experience.

                Lunch: scrambled egg & poached tomato on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toast (uncrust version), bramble jelly & marmalade sandwiches, a red pippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Y&Y: assorted courier frauds, benefit problems, child trust fund accounts. All good clean fun. .

                Last 10 minutes of TWAO.

                Thing about deep fakes.

                Minor potching in the front room "office" to make the overdesk shelving a bit less creaky.

                Walk (unabbreviated but slightly different route) walked during which it decided to rain upon me a little.

                Six cygnets on the fishpond.

                Six cygnets on the first pond.

                Seven cygnets on the canal.

                We'll be knee deep in swans if this keeps up.

                Tea: lambs liver bacon & onion gravy, peach slices, yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Discovering Ed Harris.

                Farscape S2 E11 "Look at the princess: a kiss is but a kiss": the Crichton getting married to a princess part one of three.

                Wheeler Dealers S14 E15 1972 Datsun 510: a thing that look very similar to a Mk II Cortina, and, if my experience of Japanese cars of that vintage is anything to go by, only exists because it's never seen salt.

                Not as rough as yesterday's Rover P6 though.

                This Ant chap doesn't protect his hearing when grinding stuff. Which is a bit dumb.

                The 510 has IRS, which a bit different to the competition.

                So changing the gearbox requires a modified gearbox mounting.

                The Repair Shoppe: there's a wireless in this one apparently. A Sony 4 band that got rowed across the Atlantic in the ealy 1970s.

                Alias S2 E10 "The abduction".

                National Park Mysteries: Cleveland national forest: more bollox on Blaze, no Ancient Aliens so far. .

                Another Repair Shoppe.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  About to demo some UI changes to such people of the department as choose to have a look - could be a few, could be lots. In a groundbreaking use of technology, I've checked out the previous release's Git tags on my local dev environment so I can show how it used to look. Then I can quickly check out the current release's tags (plural because there's an API server and a frontend server) while wittering about the obvious problems, reload the browser window I'm running the demo in, and show off all the new shininess

                  Trivial enough, but I don't think most people here think of doing it that way. So such demos tend to start with a long-winded explanation of what the thing in question used to look like and why that was bad, which isn't really much use to anybody


                    Realised when I switched to showing the new version that one bit I'd called out as a thing we'd improved had, in fact, not been improved

                    So I smoothly continued talking about the other stuff and never mentioned it again, and nobody noticed

                    I vaguely remember it being de-prioritised now


                      Morning all

                      Blue sky with wipsy fluff. It's currently 19 degrees with a high of 22 forecast. Cloud cover due to increase as the day progresses with a change of rain this evening (but it didn't materialise yesterday so who knows?). Barometer up to 1021 mBar.

                      Busy morning. Had a few approaches via LinkedIn and where I've been found from scattering my CV around.

                      Was due to view a flat but that's been postponed to Saturday because (not unreasonably) the current tenants are trying to pack up and move out. Trying to get a viewing of another property where the tenant won't let anyone in to view and there's just one pre-recorded video available. I'm sure it won't look at the things I'll want to look at.