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test please delete

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    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
    ... and then the rest of a programme I started watching the other night: Between Life and Death following the fates of three patients in Addenbrooke's neurological intensive care unit, i.e. the coma ward. It's actually from 2010, it turns out, but it's very good, if not exactly cheerful
    This was very interesting, thanks! Prompted me to dig out a Living Will template and start filling it in.


      Afternoon denizens

      Grey day, but dry withal, at least until tonight. Currently 9°C which is as good as it gets, "feels like" 6°, barometers slightly down at 981/988mB


        Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

        You must have missed the horror of the tofurkey that was another memorable inset item
        I think my subconscious expunged the memory of that to protect my sanity. Like something out of a story M. R. James decided not to publish for fear of pushing his audience over the brink


          BTW, today's LFT: negative

          Though there was somebody on Twitter yesterday who'd kept testing negative despite having symptoms, until they finally followed the suggestion to also use the swab on their tonsils, and that one came out positive


            Lunch: turkey cob. Very tasty

            My Mum gave me a frozen brisket to bring back with me (in fact, she's been saying "I've got this beef for you" for getting on a year) so I'm going to cook that for tonight. That will leave enough space in the fridge to thaw the turkey thighs I bought Just In Case, and make dinner with them tomorrow (then soup with their remains plus the rest of the Christmas turkey leftovers on Thursday).

            And that will leave enough space in the freezer for more cobs (which you'll remember are defined as "white crusty rolls"), as I've quite got the taste for them lately


              Nice walk by some local lakes with loony lady 2 today followed by coffee and crisps at pub. Feeling reasonable today, tired out me skull yesterday, first time I didn't go for a walk in months.

              If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
              John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                Afternoon all
                sun shining now, Christmas visitors have left and the house is almost ready for the New Year’s Eve guests.

                The WifeTM got a cocktail book as a present and decided last night to create a few. I can see it being dangerous
                {emotionless greeting}

                Three Word Slogan


                  Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

                  Bit of a chilly breeze out when I started, but I didn't seem to notice it much later. Either it had dropped, or I was warmed up enough by then not to register it

                  Another expectedly fruitless detour via the pharmacy. It uses up a few extra calories


                    Tea has, as predicted, been brisket pot roast. I cooked it in the InstantPot™ in what turned out to be an exceedingly rich gravy, based primarily on Hobgoblin ruby ale. Accompanied by chunky chips and peas, it was all very tasty


                      I thought it looked surprisingly busy out. Turns out there's been football, with visitors from Liverpool no less! Not sure how they managed to get royalty to come down and play with them, but it is Christmas I suppose