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test please delete

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    Tea has been gammon, fried eggs, chips and beans

    And lunch earlier was Scotch broth with multiseed bread


      Moved onto more implausible televisual nonsense in the form of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S6. Another programme that should have ended long before it actually did.


        Bed about to be made as I'd like to sleep in it.


          Telly tonight started with the latest episode of Ambulance

          And then it was Mosquito action in 633 Squadron (1964). Good stuff, though it's showing its age a bit now

          Also, it seems a bit unlikely that the powers that be would allow a foreign civilian to come on to an operational airfield in wartime, particularly to wave off somebody who was boarding an aircraft on their way to be dropped behind enemy lines on a top secret mission; not to mention various other flagrant breaches of security

          It's on iPlayer for this week only, so watch it while you can

          Goodnight all


            Morning all

            Overcast with a light mizzle out there
            {emotionless greeting}

            Three Word Slogan


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              And then it was Mosquito action in 633 Squadron (1964). Good stuff, though it's showing its age a bit now

              It's on iPlayer for this week only, so watch it while you can
              One has the dvd. Somewhere.








              Windier (so maybe those useless fans will be turning a bit more than they have for the past week or so).

              Chilly in here at 17 deg odd.

              1010 mBar, 29.83 in Hg, 757.5 Torr, 73% RH.


              The telex machine is glowing gently.

              Considering the overwhelming greyness, pretty glad I persevered last night & rounded off that side of the garage.

              Walk walked, for the first time since Thursday IIRC.

              Said overwhelming greyness is now enhanced by some rain.

              It raineth upon the just & the unjust whilst the sun is shining on the righteous somewhere fecking else.:

              Lunch: scrambled egg & poached tomato on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toasted crust, bramble jelly sandwich on same, a corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment in the ongoing deluge (slight hyperbole there): NZ Customs thing, very probably replete with indiscribable Chinese "food" in remarkable quantities.

              Disappointingly enough, merely a Chinese lady with three avocados that cost her $400.

              Though the packet of DMT from the UK in a dvd case wasn't a particularly impressive concealment as these things go.

              Liked the specimen horse's hooves for a farrier.

              Ran the vac over the house in a fit of enthusiasm for not labouring down in the garage for a whole day.

              Read some Monday links. Where's me axe?

              Tea: more of the roast lamb, the rest of the peach slices, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

              Entertainment: Discovering James "White Heat" Cagney.

              Joy of Painting. with the predictable result.

              What the feck's up with the NHS: nothing new to see here, full of suggestions that'll never be implemented.

              No fault & listening to whistle blowers, no future in that.

              The tedium of The Oak Island Nutjobbery is getting too much ever for me: Gary busy finding iron crap here there & everywhere just ain't cutting the mustard: S8 E6 "Seaing is Believing".

              Well feck me, that was tedious & no mistake. :

              NCIS S17 E12 "Lonely Hearts". That was considerably more amusing than the nutjobbery that preceded it.
              Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 18 October 2021, 22:22.
              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Morning all

                Dull and overcast but dry. Currently 12 degrees with a high of 17 later. Rain forecast from lunchtime onwards. Barometer steady at 1018 mBar.

                Slept well, could have done with a bit longer but I have coffee.

                Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                Jessica Meir and Christina Koch conduct the first all-female spacewalk outside the International Space Station 2019


                  Morning denizens

                  Grey day out, and generally feels a bit damp

                  Currently 13°C with 16° expected later; but so is rain. Barometers very slightly down at 1006/1014mB

                  I had a quite refreshing night's sleep


                    Links are up


                      Lunch: Heinz tomato soup with sesame bloomer toast

                      And I've also managed to squeeze in a tea towel wash, so they are now drying on the clotheshorse