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test please delete

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    Fecking squirrels everywhere, including on my nice new roof.

    Slightly warmer at 17.1 deg in here.

    1012 mBar, 29.88 in Hg, 759 Torr, 73% RH.


    Shopping trip to Tesco and Morrisons done, dusted, washed, dried, sanitised & put away.

    Lamb is aroasting in the oven, having festered in the freezer for months, though not as many months as the leg that's been in there for years.

    And very nice it was.

    Lunch: roast lamb, a red corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: finishing off the remainder of the tanking of the garage. Hopefully enough to do the business without needing to open the 3rd bag.

    As anticipated, it took another quarter of a bag of tanking slurry to finish it off today.

    The higher maths for the part was more or less right. Ish.

    Tea: Heinz baked beans on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toast, bramble jelly sandwich on same, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: washing the work clothes, forgetting there was some paper towel in one of the pockets.

    "Am Dro": Rhossili bay on Gower, The Dylan Thomas walk in Laugharne, Moelyci in North Wales, Chirk.

    They all won: 24 points each. Which was nice.

    "The Last Man on the Moon" on PBS: Gene Cernan.

    There's little to compare with a Saturn V liftoff.

    I've watched lots of them back in the day, when Colour TV was A Hot New Thing.
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    When the fun stops, STOP.


      Morning all busy day gardening yesterday. More to come today
      {emotionless greeting}

      Three Word Slogan


        Afternoon denizens

        Grey day out, with evidence of showers though it's not raining right now. Currently 14°C with 16° on the schedule, barometers down at 1007/1015mB


          Afternoon all

          Dry bright but cloudy. Currently 16 degrees and that's the high for the day. Barometer down to 1018 mBar.

          Nice lie in followed by stripping the bed and leaving it to air while I get the linen laundered. First load is in the WM. HWMBO has packed and will be leaving in a couple of hours.

          Today's Kantar diary fact is:
          Canada legalises the sale of recreational cannabis 2018


            The flat above the carpet shop that has a rainbow flag for a curtain now also has a large number of balloons of various colours piled up in its bay window


              Want to get out on me walk but spent over an hour trying to seal a leaking shower. All seems fine then check 20 mins later and it's dripping again! Boring!

              Nice GSV bit anyway. Think I'll go there and take a photo. What? It doesn't actually look like that?


              If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
              John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                Load #1 out and hung up. Load #2 in the WM.

                I think the mattress cover will have to wait a day or two for something to dry before that gets done.


                  Load #2 out and draped over an airer.


                    Was watching Attenborough's "The Mating Game" on TV. The female praying Mantis devours her mate while they are at it. Hope I won't be one of those in the next life.

                    If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                    John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                      Going through the old TV tat I've never gotten around to watching and have settled on Blindspot for now. Exceptionally far fetched. I seem to remember some of the S2 plot line so I think I didn't delete as I watched, which is vexing.