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test please delete

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    Merry Christmas all!


      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
      I finally settled on Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) - IMDb as I've not yet seen it and I fancied something a bit bonkers.
      The leads couldn't stand each other apparently which made filming inneresting.



      Cold (15.8 deg in here).

      Red sky in the morning, sailors be warned.

      Overcast, with blue bits where it isn't red.

      1033 mBar, 30.5 inHg, 61% RH.


      Bah fecking humbug.

      Are there no prisons?

      Are there no workhouses?


      Bleeding freezing out there.

      Smalls in the WM.

      Smalls out of the WM.

      Smalls in the TD.

      Shirts in the WM.

      Walk walked in the perishing cold.

      Shirts out of the WM.

      Cottons in the WM.

      Smalls out of the TD eventually.

      Shirts in the TD.


      Finally found something to watch: Top Gear India Xmas Special, with a mini, a Rolls Royce, and an XJS.

      The 20 minutes I watched was very funny.

      Lunch: poached tomato and scrambled egg on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toast (non crust), a Ginsters Vegan Moroccan pasty thing that I'd forgotten was in the fridge but turned out ok after a bit of nuking, a yellow corner yog, and 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

      Nearly died earlier when a bit of coconut from a quality street sweet went down the wrong way. <cough> <splutter> <cough>

      Shirts about to emerge from the TD whereupon they will experience rough ironing as per usual.


      Shirts out of the TD.

      Cottons out of the WM and into the TD.

      Shirts ironed & airing on the picture rails in the back bedroom.

      The cottons may be some time, so pondering what to do next.

      In other news, the barometer is starting to fall: 1031 mBar.

      Well "Shalako (1968)" really is as bad as I remembered.


      Barometer still falling: 1028 mBar.

      Lovely sunset.

      Tea: Tesco chunky breaded haddock, individual Xmas pud & custard, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

      Entertainment: STOS S2 E10 "Journey to Babel" wherein Spock's father requires an operation.

      STNG S7 E16 "To thine own self be true" wherein Data gets his memory wiped and Bad Things Happen.

      "Without a Clue (1988)" with Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley.

      It's a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, rather funny in parts.
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      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Happy Christmas all!

        It's a crisp, dry, clear sky kinda day today. Currently 1 degree, the best we'll get is 4 degrees. Highly unlikely to rain. Barometer has shot up to 1029 mBar, surprised I don't have a migraine or a nosebleed.

        Working today so the usual first coffee is being drunk and all that.

        Today's Kantar diary fact:
        Mikhail Gorbachev formally resigns as President of USSR during a televised speech 1991

        Hope you all have a lovely day, whatever it is you're getting up to!


          Morning all

          Merry Xmas to those that do.

          We did ours last weekend for various reasons, which meant we were able to see Son and his GF thanks to some coordinated self isolation.

          Nothing much planned for today. Calling family in a bit. Got a nice bit of beef to cook for dinner later. Might go for a bike ride as the sun is out here.
          "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.


            Morning all
            happy whatever you're each celebrating.
            CBSwFB and positively King Billy in shivery sarf herts.


              Parentals have been phoned. All is well down in Sussex.

              Made some tomato soup as I needed to use up some tomatoes (funnily enough).



                Cold, bright and sunny.

                Merry Christmas.
                "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                  Afternoon denizens, and a happy Christmas to all

                  Family Zoom call has just concluded; they've lifted the forty minute limit today, so we were on there for nearly an hour

                  And halfway through, I noticed I'd received a message earlier this morning, when I was still slumbering, telling me my coronavirus test was… negative!

                  Though TBH I was already pretty sure of that

                  Still, good news for Christmas

                  I now have to decide when to make my dinner: now, in keeping with tradition, or tonight as is my wont. I reckon I'll probably do it now


                    Weather: sunnyish, with a very thin layer of very high cloud. Currently 2°C, though there was still frost on the roof of the lean-to out the back until very recently; 1021mB, which is 1031mB when sea level is taken into account


                      The turkey thighs are in the oven, under foil on a low heat for the first hour, resting on a bed of root veg (carrots, parsnips, onions) which will be repurposed as turkey soup ingredients later

                      In a bit I'll get started on the sausagemeat stuffing I like (I got my mother to send me the recipe), whack the heat up, and get the spuds in. Oh, and there's some turkey breast fillets to go in too; I much prefer brown meat which is why I got thighs, but a little bit of white helps add variety.