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test please delete

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    Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

    Comparatively warm out there for the time of year, but there's a fairly bracing breeze starting to get up

    Still, fresh air and all that


      Originally posted by WTFH View Post
      Tomato and lentil soup for lunch. Doesn't taste like much.
      As others have said,

      However, tomato and lentil isn't all that exciting as soups go.


        Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
        As others have said,

        However, tomato and lentil isn't all that exciting as soups go.
        I would hope that tomato tasted of something otherwise he's high on the covid symptom stakes.
        merely at clientco for the entertainment


          You must have a serious case if you like Marmite.

          If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
          John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


            More scrap paper located and prepared for disposal.

            Tea: liver and bacon with onion gravy, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.


            The Unknown Warrior service on BBC2 (edited and abreviated from the looks of it).

            War Walks: The Battle of Mons with Richard Holmes.

            OHMSS commentary.

            The Kennedys on More4 at 21:00.

            The remainder of OHMSS commentary.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Rain's arrived. Only a shower for now it seems, but I reckon it's just getting warmed up

              In other news, I've started some chips on their three-stage journey into being. Stage one done, so they're drying now. I'm not sure what I'll actually have for dinner, but it's going to be something with chips at any rate


                Tea turned out to be gammon, fried eggs, chips, and beans

                Proper rainy out now, and very windy


                  Dinner was pasta pesto with mushrooms & tomatoes, washed down with a wine I thought was a bit nondescript, but The Wife (tm) thought was acidic.

                  My sinuses are a bit bunged, but unfortunately not enough to block out an emission from The Dog (tw), one so noxious even VW would have owned up to it.

                  Anyway, TFBSZ.
                  {emotionless greeting}

                  Three Word Slogan


                    Tonight's viewing was Hospital, in which the Royal Free is just about starting to recover from the first wave of the pandemic when the government suddenly takes away a huge amount of funding that would have allowed them to catch up on all the treatment that was missed; stuff like surgery for patients with cancer, and aortic aneurysms

                    Rain's gone a bit sooner than forecast; I assume the mighty wind blew it along faster than anticipated

                    Goodnight all



                      Fell asleep watching Newsnight after hearing of a splat at no. 10. Just hoping more follows...

                      Nice and sunny out though not checked the temperature.

                      Shopping delivered and put away.
                      "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR