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    morning all
    CBS again
    not much sleep had.
    25C in my office
    let the incantationing begin.


      Those blue skies are back again. It's currently 23 degrees, forecast to be 31 by 2 pm. Barometer has dropped again, now at 1015 mBar.

      First coffee being drunk.

      First meeting at 8.30 am with client co 'quality' team to talk about requirements traceability. All good fun as the technical teams don't know what a requirement is.


        Schwetty as f this morning. No significant breeze, blind down, window open. Door open and no breeze flowing.

        Certainly cba making any hot breakfast today. Not even had coffee (yet!)
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist


          Morning all

          CBS, etc here, and hot. So hot I'm wearing shorts.
          …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


            Morning all

            CBS, sunny, warm etc etc.

            I'm not saying it was hot here yesterday, but I went out on the bike and when I got back my Garmin told me I'd gained heat adaptation...

            Not a good nights sleep. Had the portable aircon on to cool the room down to be comfortable but it's so noisy that was keeping me awake instead.

            Waiting for the coffee to kick in now.
            "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.


              Morning all

              Sweaty night last night not much sleep

              Breakfast - usual

              Lunch - Bacon sandwich

              Weather - lovely sunshine, slight breeze which is helping. currently 23 degrees, up to 32 later maybe, 1002 hPa steady


                Hot,Hot,Hot and that is just me.

                25 degrees and on first coffee.

                I'm starting to work at night because its too hot.
                Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


                  Morning denizens

                  Sunny start, 22°C outside and climbing

                  It's currently 25° in here, and I don't think it went much below that last night. Lack of any breeze probably hasn't been helping

                  Looking forward to the weather breaking tomorrow, accompanied by cataclysmic thunderbolts


                    Morning all




                    It's already verging on unpleasant out there.

                    22 deg in here which is ok.


                    The last of the glass collection and two receptacles worth of the plastic bottles collection have reached the recycling engineers.

                    There's enough bottles left to fill the receptacle again next week.

                    At this rate the outside bog will be almost empty of rubbish.

                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Originally posted by vetran View Post
                      Hot,Hot,Hot and that is just me.
                      It's your age. The flushes should pass.
                      …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore