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    Originally posted by WTFH View Post


      As I’m already in bed, TFBSZ!


        Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

        Damn, that was hard work.

        Going to bed now

        yeah WTFH has no manners, its like working with MF!
        Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


          Tea: M&S chunky haddock (got to buy some more, not much left, just as well I use the 2 bin system), the little treat of some fried potato slices, more juiced orange, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

          Entertainment: "Silver Blaze", "Wisteria Lodge", that Neil guy waffling on about Orkney on BBC4.

          Amusing enough.

          BBC Scotland - Britain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney, Episode 1

          WTF they climbed that stack for is beyond me.
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          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Originally posted by WTFH View Post
            The Wife (tm) brought me home a present tonight following today’s session (where no living humans died or had a stroke).
            Due to yesterday’s incident, there was some left over PPE that had been opened for use, but could not now be returned to stock. So I’ve now been given an FFP3 mask.
            (Those of you on the American system, that’s an N99).

            Apart from that, not much to report.
            Good to know they’re getting decent PPE at any rate, given that most if not all of the Cabinet think that refers to their Oxford degrees in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics


              Originally posted by covbob View Post
              Quite unexpectedly, end ClientCo said yes to my rate request without moaning. Their only caveat is a blend of remote and site work (instead of 100% WFH) which suits me fine.


                Tonight saw the completion of the Forbrydelsen trilogy with S3E9 and S3E10

                Though calling it "the Forbrydelsen trilogy” is tautologous, as the suffix “-en” on common gender nouns in Danish means “the” in the first place

                Goodnight all


                  Morning All!

                  Daily Report

                  Location - WFH

                  Weather - Greyish

                  Parish Notes - Yesterday went as well as expected. Didn't get stopped by Plod on way to Funeral. Wore one of my Masonic ties to the funeral - the Funeral Director has now invited me to his Lodge as a guest! I've not visited a Welsh Lodge before. I wonder what their Cheeseboard is going to be like...


                  Cautionary tale #1. I've been administering my late mother's estate, and found that she's been buying "Quarter Sovereigns" from "London Mint Office" - while valuing her estate I've found that the pile of little coins that she's paid £255 quid each for are actually worth ~£75 each for their Gold content... So, thanks Mother, you've poured away £180 per coin... Having done a little research, something my Mother should've done, I've found quite a few complaints regarding "London Mint Office" and their dealings. Don't touch with a barge pole!

                  Cautionary tale #2. I found a bill for a company based in Liverpool for a new battery for Mother's solar panel system. They charged her £5000 for the battery, that ordinarily would've cost her ~£2000 including fitting, if in fact she really needed one in the first place! This company too is scattered all over the internet with regards to their shady practices!!! My brother wants us to "visit" the MD of the company. I'm inclined to have someone else do that job for me...

                  The above cautionary tales have been posted as a warning to all of you with elderly independent relatives, maybe we shouldn't let them be so independent...

                  to all and "let's be careful out there"...
                  Old Greg - In search of acceptance since Mar 2007. Hoping each leap will be his last.


                    Originally posted by covbob View Post
                    Quite unexpectedly, end ClientCo said yes to my rate request without moaning. Their only caveat is a blend of remote and site work (instead of 100% WFH) which suits me fine.
                    - clearly it was an agent trying it on. The sooner agents are forced to have open books the better all round.
                    merely at clientco for the entertainment


                      morning all

                      CBSWFB this morning