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    Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
    I suspect entertainment may involve more of Sherlock Holmes and the Sign of Four, which there is one John Thaw apparently, though he hasn't appeared yet.
    The Sign of Four was concluded, with John Thaw doing his pegleg impression quite adequately, Haaaar Jim Laaaad.

    Followed by "The Blue Carbuncle" which, oddly enough, had a different actor playing Watson, just to confuse me.

    Different from The Grand Moff Tarkin's episode it must be said, wherein Pvt Walker (Jimmy Beck) appeared, in this one it was Ken Campbell.

    Oddly, Frank Middlemass appeared in both eps just to confuse me even more.
    When the fun stops, STOP.


      S3E4 of Forbrydelsen watched; pie saved for another time

      It’s really quiet out there tonight. Still the occasional cars (they tend to come two or three at once from being bunched at traffic lights in either direction) and the occasional solitary pedestrian, but other than that it’s just Will Smith and his dog

      Goodnight all



        CBS and KB again.



          Morning all

          Daily Report

          Location - WFH

          Weather - Bright and Sunny

          Parish notes - This home education thing is a breeze! When we were informed that the school was closing we were issued with lesson plans, notebooks, activity lists etc. The school have been great! I've moved my office to the kitchen table, offspring sits at one end doing his school work and I sit at the other doing my work posting crap on CUK.

          All went well in Carnarvon yesterday at the Registry Office, although I was surprised at the amount of traffic on the M62/M6/M56/A55 yesterday - almost as if nobody had watched BJ's "Stay at home!!!" broadcast...

          Wifey has gone to work because according to the Civil Service hers is a key role. Bulltulip IMHO!
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            Morning all beautiful day out. The Dog (tw) didn’t want to go for a walk earlier. I intend to spend the day gardening.
            {emotionless greeting}

            Three Word Slogan


              Beautiful clear blue sky out there this morning.

              Any ideas for tasty things to do with a pineapple? Ideas so far include: pineapple upside down cake, stewed in a rum syrup, make a sorbet (but I'd rather keep the freezer space clear). I don't like fruit in savoury dishes so things like gammon steak and pineapple are out. Definitely NOT putting it on a pizza.

              I'm so pleased I bought frozen pastries - croissants and pain au chocolat. Pop one a day into the oven to cook and that's breakfast sorted! Delish.


                You could put it in a two ton press and video it in super slow motion for us.
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                  Morning all




                  Glorious morning.

                  Road out front very quiet.

                  Will Smith & dog spotted on the canal tow path.

                  Zombies: 0.

                  Charlton Heston spotted going the opposite way.

                  Strange grey people: 0.

                  No sign of Vincent Price yet.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    Phew! That's a relief...

                    Off-licences added to essential businesses list by UK government | Business | The Guardian


                      Bacon and black pudding sandwich for breakfast. Om nom.

                      Wonder if a grinder and aeropress are considered as essentials to the powers that be? Getting fed up of Tassimo's "better than instant but not the real deal" stuff.
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