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    Finished the day (so far) quite well...
    4 pints of Guinness before 10am, then the owner of the bar drove me into downtown Memphis. I went to the Civil Rights museum which is the hotel where MLK was murdered. I suspect some on here would be offended there, but it was an eye opener to a piece of recent history.
    From there I walked to the Bass Pro Pyramid which had lots of anti-cyclist devices and upgrades.
    Then a 5 mile walk to Lafayette’s. Live music, local beer.

    Totals for the day: 20k steps walked, 4 new beers enjoyed.
    {emotionless greeting}

    Three Word Slogan


      Rewatched tonight: Training Day (2001), an exceedingly gritty and dark LAPD rogue cop thing

      Another early-ish night; wonder if it’ll pay off any better than last night’s did

      Goodnight all


        No house damage. Well I have not been out yet.

        I have a friend who lives on Anglesey. In a valley. Just last winds he lost his new drive gates and new shed roof. But it is much stronger this time round. I think he mighe now being doing his Wizard of Oz impression.


          Blowing a hoolie out there


            Morning all


            Blowing a gale.

            Grey. Very very grey.

            Warmish at 17.6 deg in here this morning.

            Barometer dropped quite a lot overnight.

            Sunday, judging by the programes on the wireless.

            The Ex Speaker is busily selling his new book on R4 at the moment.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning folks

              Like much of elsewhere, it be windy out. Has been at it for most of the night, with the rattling of the windows waking me up.

              I did start watching BBC One - The Storm That Saved a City on Thursday before guests arrived. I wonder if storm Ciara will sufficiently destroy property (somewhere) that a similar plan to fix housing issues will result?

              Probably not.


                Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
                Not any more it ain't.

                The horizontal drizzle has arrived.




                I'm not going for a walk when it's as wet and windy as it is at the moment.

                Dry and windy, maybe, wet and windy, no chance.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Originally posted by BR14 View Post
                  how many chicken balls in a tin? 500 or so?
                  Must be like meaty tapioca

                  Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                  been at it for most of the night, with the rattling of the windows waking me up.
                  Beautifully put



                    bit wet and windy out.
                    don't think i'll go there.


                      Morning all <-- careful

                      A little delicate this morning after an afternoon in the pub watching the rugby, followed but more drinking and board games at home with Son and his GF and a couple of friends.

                      Finally went to bed at about 2am.

                      Woke up this morning to find the back gates had blow open, taking the latch with it so emergency repairs have been carried out in the form of of a length of timber screwed across them to hold them shut. They were knackered anyway and on the list for replacement.

                      Felt on the shed roof has lifted on one side, I'm surprised it's still standing at all to be honest given that it's rotten and wonky already. A section of drain pipe has come free of the socket at the junction with the guttering but that's pissing water everywhere so it can wait till things dry out at bit.

                      Text from MrsB who is still in bed, suffering.

                      "Is there food? I hurt."

                      So i'd best go sort some breakfast out.
                      "Being nice costs nothing and sometimes gets you extra bacon" - Pondlife.