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World war 3 now imminent

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    Originally posted by Jog On View Post

    That's his 'red line' which he's prepared to 'demilitarize' them over:


    He offered them terms yesterday including becoming neutral, which apparently Zelensky is taking seriously...
    The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, didn't use just those words in his speech today. He stated that Russia was "demilitarizing and de-nazifying Ukraine". Why did you miss the last phrase out of your post? As a percentage of the population, Russia has some of the most pro nazi, neo nazi supporters in Europe, who are directly linked with the far right wing in Russia, often paid for by the state. They fund all types of opposition and groups to ensure chaos reigns within Russia, then they can control the size of each group and the type of chaos.

    NATO is not invading Ukraine. Ukraine is a democratic country and has been for decades. That land is not Russian or Russia's to just take as and when it pleases. NATO being on Russia's border is a ridiculous thing to highlight, because NATO doesn't invade countries. In this instance, if Russia invade existing members try to recreate the USSR further, NATO forces will very likely have to get involved in Ukraine too.

    As for Putin's ever changing "red lines", they change every year, every decade. If you take the time to read his essay from last year you will see how what he suggests is crazy, effectively stating that "The Ukraine is Russian and belongs to Russia, they are one and the same."

    Do you personally recognise Ukraine as a democratic country that has the right to choose as it wishes, as with any other democratic country?

    Do you personally recognise that Ukraine's democracy is being destroyed by a huge country aggressor that is stating that they are denazifying the country, despite nazis not being in control, no nazi party in existence there, therefore it being a very poor justification and, as we say here, fake?


      I think I'll lock the thread now, until the Ukraine Thread is over.
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