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Indian recruitment consultancies operating in the UK

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    Originally posted by malvolio View Post
    You think the guys working with the end client isn't well-spoken and credible then?
    Who knows. Not in my experience, and do you want to take that risk?
    Originally posted by MaryPoppins
    I'd still not breastfeed a nazi
    Originally posted by vetran
    Urine is quite nourishing


      Originally posted by CheeseSlice View Post
      J C Associates

      In recent years they've been spamming me from 100% indian named operatives. As recently as 2019 they had English named agents.
      Why do I think they're now an Indian agency? Some of them haven't even bothered to update their email signatures.

      I've swapped the agents name with a fake name. Everything else is real.
      I can confirm, after looking through my outlook search facility that this is correct. eteam appeared to be using an english random name generator and then from about mid-2021 the english names were dropped but the spam levels increased.

      Have a read of the google reviews of eteam - caveat emtor.......


        Originally posted by PerfectStorm View Post
        How to tell an agent call is going to go terribly

        *ring ring*




        *sound of phone being taken off hook*

        ".....hellooooooo? I'm from InfoTekSysMegaTech Systems, am I speaking with Ms. PerfectStorm?"

        "Oh yes, I'm not looking for any jobs thank you"

        "OK... well in that case I have a new job opportunity in Edin-burg, are you interested in this job opportunity"

        After a while you get to know when a call isn't worth your trouble in the first 3 secs or so
        Edin-burg - England is how they usually day it


          I find it helps to block the numbers on your phone as you go, but it feels a bit like The Sorcerer's Apprentice