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    Don't use JSA group

    I don't think that I have ever done this before but I am beyond annoyed. If mod decides that this needs to be pulled, then all well and good.

    Yes, I know it's the end of the year etc. Yes, I know that there is a global pandemic, yes I know that people are adapting to changing working situations but my complaint about these guys predates all of that.

    My accountancy firm was taken over by JSA. Since then the service from them has been less than risible. Emails go unanswered, I can't submit my personal return on their crappy online system because I have rental income and their system doesn't account for that. They messed up (forgot) a capital gains tax submission in 2019 which only got resolved when I pointed out to them the time limit on submitting it.

    Yet, they are still merrily direct debiting lots of money every month for doing Sweet Fanny Adams.

    Seriously, I get that there is a global pandemic etc. etc. but these guys are a joke. Total joke. I have absolutely no idea of the status of my corporate account submission nor if I am going to be submitting a self assessment at the end of this month.

    If ever you find yourselves talking to JSA accounts, I advise that you don't. Find a local accountant instead.

    And if any other accountants want to take this on, sort out all four - count them, four invoices that my uk ltd company issued last year, wind up my UK ltd company and sort out a self assessment then I'm open to talk.

    JSA. You need to take a very strong look at your service offering because it is easily the worst service that in 15 years of contracting I have *ever* seen.
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    I have said for many years now: use an independent accountant rather than a firm where you are just a number.

    I have used the same guy for the past 8 years and he has been quick and efficient and flexible on the accounts - doing both my IT and my Property accounts and advising on both. And the fee he charges is WAYYY less than some of you guys pay to the 'big' firms.

    IT contractor accounting is the easiest piece of work for accountants. I am liquidating my company now - ending my contracting career - and my accountant has charged me just £120 extra for hours of extra work to get submissions in before the March 3rd budget.

    BTW, he is local and yet I have NEVER had to meet him!

    If you're unhappy, vote with your wallet.


      As I said, I had a *great* accountant. Then they were taken over by JSA. Then it went bad.

      It's my own fault, I guess. There were warning signs early on but I didn't act on them as I was distracted by other things. It goes without saying that I will be voting with my feet/wallet/trustpilot but after having watched them taking a monthly direct debit for the whole of 2020 and doing absolutely nothing, I'd quite like to get something for that money.


        Similar situation here. I should've switched when I had a chance. Luckily mine have never had a problem with account for rental income. But I have been fighting daily to get the to act quickly when it's come to prepare for liquidation.


          clearly, we're not alone - JSA Services Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of jsagroup.co.uk

          Their disregard for their customers is very evident


            Apparently their IT is in total melt down and it has been since last Friday. Anyone else impacted by this?


              Another mug punter here. I actually terminated their services back in 1999 in my first stint of contracting as they had me doing most of their work for them.

              Second time round and my good accountant was taken over by them a few years ago. Long story short, my accounts have been wrong for the last few years and have only just been corrected after I refused to sign off the latest year-end until they made the corrections I had told them about, and they had ignored, for the last eighteen months at least.

              Thankfully I never trusted them to get my SA right and did it myself all these years.
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