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test please delete

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    For those who like such things, The Chain (1984) written by Jack Rosenthal and starring such luminaries as Nigel Hawthorne, Leo McKern, Warren Mitchell, and Anna Massey is on Talking Pics TV at 11:15


      Links are up


        Lunch was herby chicken, tomato and lentil soup with a bit of wholemeal

        Minor panic halfway through it as I suddenly remembered there were various meetings this afternoon. But it turned out I had thirty minutes left until the first one


          Tea: lamb scouse and a couple of crusts of white bread

          Obligatory BST-related thought: seems odd to have finished it while it's still daylight outside

          Earlier, I had to go to the new GP surgery as I'm going for the annual blood tests on Wednesday and they've decided they want an early morning urine sample as well. No accounting for taste

          As I don't want to have to cup my hands all the way there, I had to go and get a sample jar from reception. I've never been there before, and Google Maps suggested the best walking route was over the park to the university, then double back past the Engineering Building (which once appeared on a stamp, not that that's relevant) to where the surgery lurks in a remote corner of the campus. So I went that way and it brought me to the staff entrance, which had a notice explaining that the main entrance is actually from the park. And there's no way to get around the building from there

          So I had to walk down through the adjoining sixth form college, and round by the road, and back into the park on the path at the bottom and finally found the gate in the railings that lets you get in there. Ah well, I know now, and it's a slightly shorter walk than going through campus. And that bit of campus isn't very interesting to walk through anyway, being mainly a car park, though one does pass close to the house where David and Richard Attenborough grew up when their father was Principal, which sits incongruously surrounded by towering 1960s and 1970s buildings


            Temperature below 38

            …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


              Originally posted by WTFH View Post
              Temperature below 38


              As I've said before: continue to take it easy for a good while, or it'll come back to bite you. But I daresay The Wife™ will be on your case anyway


                The car earlier was a Range Rover, repeated. No trace of its VRN on the DVLA systems

                And some of the gold diggers did OK, and some didn't

                Later, the old and young opal miners managed to find some good opal and made a load of dosh, along with rounding up cattle and catching some kind of freshwater crayfish kind of thing

                Time to read a little more of Lies We Sing to the Sea now before an early night, trying to adjust to the new timezone and also making up for last night's rubbish sleep

                Goodnight all


                  Morning all
                  Murky out.
                  Some sleep was had.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore










                    Chilly in here at 12.8 deg, 13 deg in the kitchen, 11 deg in the leanto.

                    1013 mBar, 29.9138 in Hg, 759.81 Torr, 14.692 psi (down from 1019 last night when tapped, down in turn from 1021 prior to tap), 75% RH (GDR hair), 71% RH (Lidl electric).

                    No astronomical alignments were observed last night.

                    Meanwhile on the 15th of May 2019 NF discovered a cardboard box not containing Yet More Magazines but rather some cushions and clothes, he watched "Another 48 hours" and gave a poorer review than to the first, whilst I watched the "To sail beyond the stars" ep of "Jeremiah", which, for some reason, sticks in my memory far more than most of the rest of it. Must be something to do with the sailing off into the Pacific in search of who knows what.

                    Odd dream before waking of working on a Ford Essex V6 which was overheating. It went into explicit detail of the fan belt, moving the alternator, and the bolts requiring loosening to achieve same.

                    The overflow from the radiator was piped into a plastic drinks bottle. I wonder where than idea came from? Looking at you, Edd, with that diesel injector test..

                    Freecell score in the gloomy grey ennui of the morning: 85%, running average 85%.

                    Lunch: Morrisons "Best of" vegetable soup (with added chilli & stuff) with Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed bread, bramble jelly and marmalade on slices of toast, a red corner yog, 0.91*1.53 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Entertainment: TWATO until the mammoth meatballs thing came up.

                    Freecell score in the grim grey of the afternoon: 75%, running average 85%.

                    Tea: chunky battered cod, some pear halves, a yog, 0.91*1.51 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Entertainment: PM.

                    Wheeler Dealers S10 E4 2000 Porsche Boxter: bought £1k, total: £3540, sold:£6k4. MOT until the end of May, taxed until Jan 2024. New exhaust. Machined the brake discson the car with a magic machine. Refurb seats. Changed the special Porsche gearbox oil (bet you can't buy that in Halfords). Refurb wheels. Changed the lights. They love changing the lights.

                    Freecell score: 86%, running average: 85% (85.170%).

                    Maigret S2 E2 "Night at the crossroads". That was amusing. Though they seem to just end. Maybe it gets a bit lost in translation.

                    The last 15 minutes of T3 again.

                    The Repaire Shoppe: French clock, a radiogram, botanical field microscope. Watched this before: the radiogram turns into Trigger's Broom. .
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Morning denizens

                      Grey day out and supposedly bringing drizzle, though it doesn't seem to have arrived yet. Currently 5°C and aiming for 9°, and the barometers have settled back a bit from yesterday's exuberant climb, to 1006/1015mB

                      My internal clock remains unconvinced by the lies of Big Summer Time, and is objecting strongly to the early rising inflicted upon it thereby