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test please delete

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    ^^ I believe there's a new series of Britain's Busiest Airport on ITV IIRC too.

    Ents has been a listen to Lucy Worsley's Lady Killers on BBC Sounds.


      Back on the Jones book after the airport programme, and now an early night ready for bin day tomorrow

      Goodnight all


        Morning all

        CBS, etc.

        Wine Time Fridays, Hurrah!
        TFIF, etc.
        {emotionless greeting}

        Three Word Slogan


          Morning denizens

          Up very betimes, and off to Sainsbury's! I arrived about two minutes after they opened at seven, meaning I was late compared to the crowd of elderly men who clearly got there on the dot. Anyway, I didn't need much so I was home again just after half seven, the roads still being comparatively empty at that time

          The shopping was put away and I immediately headed out again, so: walk briskly walked, green ring closed

          And as I got back the recycling wagon was just turning into the side road and the advance guard was bringing the bins to the kerb. So I hung around until ours was done and trundled it back in, making one less thing to worry about

          Next up: get the coffee on to brew while I'm in the shower

          It's a sunny start out there, currently on 12°C though there's a fresh breeze (or there was half-an-hour ago) with 17° expected later. The barometers continue to ascend at 1016/1024mB


            Morning all

            Blue sky with chuncks of fluff. Currently 13 degrees with a high of 19 later. What cloud there is will clear away as the day progresses. Barometer up a touch to 1023 mBar.

            Two viewings today, although I think the second one may comprise multiple properties judging by what the agent was saying. I'm a bit concerned as often agents tell me I "must" see something and then drag me up 7 flights of stairs to a hovel.


              New Viz in the shops, by the way!

              I think it's been out since last week, actually. Only a few copies left in Sainsbury's!


                "Due to Friday Fizz, can we reschedule the 5pm meeting to 3pm?"

                If you don't ask, you don't get.
                {emotionless greeting}

                Three Word Slogan


                  I think I've got two copies of the R. V. Jones book. Certainly there's a 2nd hand paperback that someone gave me, and there's probably another one of those somewhere or other.

                  A quick scan of the bookshelves shows a curious obsession with Enigma, The Bombes, Turing, and Colossus, including the late Captain Jerry Roberts' book about same, stretching over much of the last 40 years or so.

                  Oh look, here's more:


                  The intellectual standing of these people is amazing, I can barely grasp some of the ideas.


                  Today's seminightmare involved The Last Day at some employment or other. .



                  Blue sky.

                  Chilly at 17 deg C.

                  1024 mBar, 30.238 in Hg, 768.06 Torr, 14.852 psi, ( down from 1020 last night), 73% RH.


                  Bed stripped.

                  Smalls in the WM.

                  Entertainment: DID followed by the last ep of the Mafia oxycontin programme.

                  Smalls out of the WM and into the TD.

                  Shirts in the WM.

                  Smalls out of the TD.

                  Shirts out of the WM and into the TD.

                  Cottons in the WM.

                  Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the warmish sunshine.

                  Swan family observed on the Fish Pond.

                  No sign of the swans on the First Pond.

                  Shirts out of the TD.

                  Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on (burnt) toasted sunflower and pumpkin seed crust, marmalade on ditto toast, bramble jelly sandwich, yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Cottons out of the WM: sheets on the line, the rest in the TD (I like fluffy towels).
                  Entertainment: Archive on R4: feck nose WTF this is all about. Sounds a tad gay to me. . Look out Liberace just turned up.

                  Shirts roughly iRoned and airing in the back bedroom hanging from the picture rails.

                  Bed remade, the mattress having been rotated this time, being flipped the time before.

                  Cottons out of the TD and the tea towels and pillow cases duly iRoned.

                  Now sitting down with a cup of Nescafe "Black Gold" BBE 2016 sometime, due me thinking it was about time it went now that other realer coffee thingies (BBE about the same) had been used up earlier in the week.

                  No idea where the need for a coffee has emerged from, maybe it's me channelling Strangelove Pater, one of whose Nescaff Blend 37 jars (BBE 2017) resides unopened in the cupboard behind the Black Gold. Bit more difficult to drink that black and sugarless than the Black Gold.

                  Cottons out of the TD with the pillow cases and tea towels roughly iRoned.

                  Cat fed.

                  Tea: battered chunky cod, some pear halves, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Entertainment: Discovering Tom Cruise.

                  Farscape S2 E19 "Liars Gun and Money Part One". The bank job one with added Scorpius.

                  Hidden Wales: Mynydd Epynt or how the WD stole a mountain, factory where Shirley Bassey workd, the Severn Channel ferry (2/6d to cross one way).

                  Final 30 mins of Wheeler Dealers: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164L, which, oddly enough, shared lots with my beloved Fiat Croma 2.0 Super I.E. of immortal memory.
                  Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 27 May 2022, 18:44.
                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    So plan B does 2 things - 1 core task and a separate process designed to make that core task easier.

                    I've now done 3 demos to a particular organisation and every demo has focussed on that separate process and not the core task.
                    merely at clientco for the entertainment



                      The sun is out.

                      It isn't warm enough though...

                      Right back to work.
                      "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR