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    After the early evening telly (a little red Corvette, which apparently isn't the same as the Unsafe at Any Speed car though the names are similar; some gold winners, some gold losers; and the antiques must have looped because he was buying an armchair off Lord Montagu of Beaulieu and I've seen him do that before), dining telly was 24 Hours in A&E though I think it must have been an old one despite its recent screening date, because it was at a non-recent hospital and nobody seemed to be aware of a pandemic

    Then the major motion picture premiere was King Kong (2005) being, as the date implies, the Peter Jackson version. I think the only other film I've seen by him is The Lovely Bones which I thought was very good, but in this one he definitely revealed his belief that one should make as much of a film as one can get away with, rather than just as much as is necessary to tell the story. It's basically exactly the same story as the original film; that was 1h 40m, this was 3h 7m. Even allowing for 9m credits, that's still a lot longer. I could see straight away how the first hour could have been done in twenty minutes, which would account for a lot of the overrun.

    Anyway, all that aside, it's the classic tale of the Beauty and the Beast; though Naomi Watts (in the Fay Wray role) is very good-looking, so it's more a case of the Beauty and the Beauty. Kong is played by Andy Serkis, who did such a good job as Caesar in the most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy, and also narrated the first season of Monkey Life, and he does an excellent job here too. Overall, I'd say it's good during the important parts; but don't worry too much if you turn up late, and the bit with the brontosauruses is a good time to nip to the kitchen to microwave more popcorn

    And then the final two parts of the ITV true crime thingy A Confession (TV Mini Series 2019). It's good viewing, though there's a lot of legal complexity behind the story so I have to reserve judgment on the question of whether it's right to take the side it does.

    Goodnight all


      Morning all
      CBS, etc. 9.5oC, 1028mb
      The DogTW refused to listen last night when we told her today was a holiday and we could all have a lie in. Instead, she was up at 2.15 to go out for a wee, and then at about 6.30 she decided it was time I got up.
      …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


        Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
        After the early evening telly (a little red Corvette, which apparently isn't the same as the Unsafe at Any Speed car though the names are similar
        That's a new definition of "little". . A two and a half ton "sports" car.


        Another lying Tory **** utilising their current technique of talking over everyone nonstop & not bothering to answer or even listen to questions.

        He's not quite as good at this as yesterday's tory **** of ***** was.


        Odd sky, black in places, yet sunny.

        Almost not chilly in here at 15 deg.

        1023 mBar, 30.2 in Hg, 767.3 Torr, 14.84 psi, forgot to set the pointer last night, 70% RH.

        Friday. Oh Good. .

        Smalls in the WM.

        Smalls out of the WM and into the TD.

        Shirts in the WM.

        Smalls out of the TD.

        Shirts out of the WM and into the TD.

        Cottons in the WM.

        Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the wanly sunny grey gloom.

        Shirts out of the TD & smalls back in.

        Shirts roughly iRoned & airing upstairs.

        Smalls out of TD.

        Cottons out of the WM and into the TD.

        Missing pillowslip found down behind the freezer covered in cobwebs: back in the WM.

        Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed toasted crust, a red corner yog, bramble jelly & marmalade sandwiches, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

        Entertainment: TWAO.

        The missing pillowslip duly washed & dried (the latter taking a remarkable amount of time considering it was the only thing in there).

        All done. Knackered now.

        Freecell score: 100% (of 10), running average 84%.

        Tea: Tesco breaded haddock, some fruit cocktail, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

        Entertainment: Discovering Dennis Hopper. This reminded me yet again that he was in "High Plains Drifter" something I regularly forget, though I manage somehow to remember that he was in "The Sons of Katy Elder". Worse than that, to remember his name I had to search for the films of Peter Fonda. .

        Farscape S1 E10 "They've got a secret". The pregnant ship one.

        Discoverning Tom Hanks.

        Mediaeval Dead on Blaze: still the obnoxious 888 adverts but this is UK made so the absence of the septic Ancient Alien twats is palpable.
        Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 15 April 2022, 21:36.
        When the fun stops, STOP.


          Morning all

          Blue sky. Currently 13 degrees with a scorching high of 21 later. No precipitation expected. Barometer up to 1026 mBar.

          Back at the coal face today, getting Quality validation paperwork prepped for the project close down.


            Afternoon denizens

            Very mild and Simpsonesque out today; currently 19°C and maybe reaching 20° soon, with a very light breeze that isn't biting for a change. The barometers are getting in the swing of things too, rising to 1018/1026mB

            The recycling bin has been retrieved, and the mundane laundry is on

            Next on the agenda: hot cross buns


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              Next on the agenda: hot cross buns
              Very nice too

              Sainsbury's didn't have any normal ones left (well, not in the TTD range) so I tried the apple and cinnamon ones and they're pretty good. I'd probably still go for the traditional ones if they had them though


                Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                That's a new definition of "little". . A two and a half ton "sports" car.
                It's a song by somebody or other

                Little Red Corvette - Wikipedia


                  So I venture out today to one of London's Royal Parks - well one of the ones I don't normally go to.

                  All the transport to get there is screwed apart from buses because it is a great time to do engineering works on every train and tube line possible. The buses would be screwed but lots of the planned road works are suspended so the newly closed bus stops are actually open.

                  Once there, there are lots of police for a Royal Park.

                  Then I notice some people where a few have badly dyed hair and some in the groups are holding flags with some symbol on. I notice a good few of them are smoking. Whatever they are smoking it isn't an environmentally friendly habit.

                  I do park things.

                  On the way back the buses are screwed because a few have badly dyed hair and some in the groups are holding flags with some symbol on are blocking the bridges. They are also playing instruments loudly and badly.

                  One of my young companions asks me what they are doing so I explain they don't like people taking public transport so they are blocking the bridge. Oddly I'm not believed especially as the bus was clearly electric.

                  ​​​​​​My young companion wants to ask one of the bridge blockers what they are doing but notices they are surrounded by the police so decides they are too young to ask. I merely think the heavy police presence is to stop people like me doing a Will Smith if the bridge blockers say triggering stuff.
                  Anyway eventually get home and remember my pledge of 20+ years ago that the best thing to do on bank holiday weekends is to stay local e.g. short walking distance.
                  "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                    I have not been outside today. Judging by SE above, this was the right thing to doTM


                      A day in the garden completed with some Valdo for Friday Fizz and then a shower. Some weeds were weeded. Some plants were planted. Some pottering was done in the workshop. Tomorrow will be more of the same, and similar glorious weather.
                      …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore