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test please delete

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    Daily standup out of the way, so now I can get some actual work done

    The stakeholders (that term always makes me think of vampires) have suddenly decided to change what they want worked on. It doesn't affect anything I'm doing at the moment but means we'll be getting on to the fun stuff (for certain values of fun; graphs and things) soon

    And it seems possible that, if they decide they also want some of the other stuff that had been planned, this thing might keep running after the supposed end date of August, budget permitting, meaning yet another extension

    Just shows, it's often worth taking a gig even though it's "only for a few weeks" - this thing was supposed to finish at the end of April


      Video call done to demonstrate sticking sticks up our noses. Tests are negative. Passenger locator forms completed.

      That's a morning wasted on admin


        Morning spent, figuring out the best way to charge a client. Guestimates are taken as fact.

        Looking forward to the weekend off to sunny Newcastle.


          Gosh, is it that time already? Just wasted at least an hour chasing a silly oversight. It didn't even affect any real code, it was in a test that I couldn't get to pass. All sorted now though

          Lunch was a couple of southern not-fried chicken bits cold. Tasty enough, though I think the Sainsbury's ones are better hot, while the M&S ones are OK either way

          What with the tests being sorted, a big chunk of stuff is now Working with a capital W

          It was already working, but at least I can prove it now

          I reckon I'll do my timesheet as although there's plenty left to do, my company's definitely earned its money for this week, so I might let the other stuff wait until Monday


            Timewasting snafus aside, it's been a pretty good day

            I realised that I'd forgotten a desirable ingredient for tonight's dinner, so I considered alternative recipes. But in the end I decided to head up to the Co-op instead and get it. It's turning ominously grey out, and indeed a couple of raindrops tentatively fell as soon as I emerged; but any others lurking in the heavens apparently decided better of it, so I didn't get wet in the end


              Tea has been a lamb shank in red wine sauce with chips and peas, and exceedingly nice it was too

              Turns out the Co-op's Fairtrade Cabernet Sauvignon at £6.50 a bottle makes for a good sauce


                After a bit of Traffic Cops whilst dining, tonight's major motion picture premiere was Rambo: Last Blood (2019), completing the collection. It wasn't too bad, although at times it seemed as if they'd skipped chunks; there's an extended cut which is about fifteen or twenty minutes longer, but I don't know if that would fill in the cracks or just add more stuff that doesn't quite seem to fit together properly.

                In the end I thought it was OK, but then I remembered that at certain points I'd thought it wasn't. I think this is something filmmakers do a lot now, as I've had the same experience with other films: they ensure the end of the film uses various psychological triggers to make you feel good about it, on the basis that how you felt at the end is what you'll tell other people you felt, as that's the memory that lingers and overrides all the points during the film when you were thinking "WTF? This is a pile of tulipe." But I might watch the extended cut sometime anyway, as the film had enough going for it that it deserves a chance at redemption. Or maybe they just made me think it did

                And after that, a further episode of The Americans, being S5E3, The Midges (TV Episode 2017)

                That one features a brief appearance of Martha living her new life alone in Moscow, which reminded me of the phenomenal performance that actress gives as a profoundly autistic woman in The Accountant, which seemed like an excellent excuse to watch that again. But it's late and I had an early start and I'm tired, so I'm getting to bed instead

                Goodnight all


                  Morning all

                  Another beautiful day, sunny and blue skies again. Currently it's 17 degrees and will get up to 27 Good job we're leaving.

                  All packed and ready to go. Room bill paid yesterday so just breakfast to be had before we leave.

                  Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                  The 'three tenors' sing at the FIFA world cup open-air concert in Paris 1998


                    It's been a lovely break. Haven't done much other than eat and drink!


                      I can just about get my jeans on!