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    Morning all

    Glorious sunshine this morning. Blue sky with lumps of fluff. Currently 19 degrees with a high of 25 later. We're off to Oporto this morning where it's going to be 19 degrees and sunny.

    Doing the usual waiting for breakfast to arrive, after which we'll finish packing and head off to the train station.

    Today's Kantar diary fact is:
    The first 'Live Earth' benefit concert is held in eleven locations around the world 2007


      Broadband's down

      It's an area-wide thing, so Virgin will probably get it sorted out pretty quickly. In the meantime, I'm having to tether to my phone. Good job I got a new one


        Late for lunch because of faffing about with Internet problems, so I just had a quick bowl of chicken, tomato and lentil soup and wholemeal bread

        Internet is still down. I'm waiting for a DHL delivery - a replacement Apple Pencil (1st gen) for the mighty iPad Pro (also 1st gen), as the existing one's battery died after I hadn't used it for several years, and it costs almost as much for a "repair" (actually a refurbished one, I believe) as just getting a new one

        And in the kitchen, what will become ham, pea and lentil soup has been simmering away in the slow cooker since this morning


          Broadband is back

          Delivery is delivered

          Soup is still becoming



            Quite a lot of rain too


              Sunny again


                We have arrived in Oporto and are sat outside a bar alongside the river, drinking Porto Tonico and watching the world go by.

                It's 21 degrees and sunny and there's not a cloud to be seen.


                  Raining again, heavily and persistently

                  Apparently it'll stop for a bit about seven so the walk has been postponed until then, or until it stops and the weather app gives the all clear for long enough, whichever is sooner


                    Sainsbury's order done

                    It's still raining. Might just grab the hooded coat and go out anyway


                      The rain finally stopped at getting on for half-seven, so: walk briskly walked (in the hooded coat just in case), green and red rings closed, which - with the blue ring that was closed a little while before I set out - completes the set for today

                      The streets are very quiet at the moment, which I assume is something to do with football. As I recall, the small number of other pedestrians I saw were all women, and there's very few cars about even back here on the main road