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test please delete

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    ^^^ At least they didn't turn the multimeter into a DAB wireless unlike the unfortunate AVO meter on some other tat programme.




    Blue Sky

    Chilly at 14.5 deg in here.

    1029 mBar, 30.39 in Hg, 771.8 Torr, 14.92 psi, (unchanged), 72% RH.


    It seems unnaturally early, but not as unnaturally early as yesterday morning's insomnia.

    Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the bright warm sunshine.

    Concomitant increase in pollen count & side effects noted.

    Lunch: Mr Brains faggots, a yog or two, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: TWTW on R4 until the wireless went <click> due to lack of innerest.

    Freecell score: 65%, running average 84%. Really out of the zone.

    Tea: baked potato with baked beans and cheese, a yog, bramble jelly & marmalade sandwiches, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: POTW on R4.

    Thing on Smithsonian about the Viking landers in 1976, including views of 80 column punched cards used to reprogram the thing when they forgot about removing the locking pin from the sampling arm.

    Ipcress E4. "Inspired by the book" sort of sums it up. Feck me that was a rather large "neutron bomb".

    Looked rather more like the original Gadget of 1945 than something from 1962.

    Falklands War: the untold story on 4: feck me, that was a close run thing. .

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    When the fun stops, STOP.


      Morning denizens

      Up betimes for Antipodean Zoom

      Grey day out, supposedly foggy, though as usual it isn't noticeably murky here. Currently 7°C with no more than 13° expected, and the barometers are up a bit further at 1027/1034mB


        Morning all
        …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


          Morning all

          Cloudy start to the day. Currently 8 degrees ('feels like' 6) with a high of 14 later. No rain expected. Barometer at 1032 mBar.

          This clock change malarkey always messes with my head. Stop it, I say!

          Off to see the parentals for the first time this year.


            Zooming was accomplished, and then it was straight into the kitchen, where I've now got the makings of Scotch broth on the go in the slow cooker


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              Zooming was accomplished, and then it was straight into the kitchen, where I've now got the makings of Scotch broth on the go in the slow cooker
              And with that all done, I finally had time for breakfast: a couple of croissants with strawberry jam


                There's a repeat of an older episode of The Repair Shop on Quest and, in a crossover with the Australian Customs show, there's a bear that these people want to send to their grandson in Australia but it was stuffed with wood shavings. So it had to be restuffed, because the Aussies would have incinerated it


                  While the slow cooker wends its way in the general direction of Scotch broth, I've had a sausage and bacon cob to tide me over


                    Lovely sunny day down in Sussex by the sea. Decided to leave my car with the parentals so my Dad can take it to a car body repair place and get some rust on the wheel arch sorted.

                    Waiting for the train home reminds me how much I don't miss living down here


                      Slow cooker update: bones have been removed, veg blended, meat and pulses/legumes/grains added. Another few hours and there will be Scotch broth

                      And the mundane laundry has been done and draped