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    NotSoCold at 12.4 deg in here this morning.

    1037 mBar, 30.62 in Hg, 777.8 Torr, 15.04 psi, 63% RH.

    Saturday apparently, though it came as a bit of a shock when I awakened.

    Better night's sleep than the previous one, no peculiar dreams & no concomitant waking at 06:15 today.

    Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the grey. Had a chat with a chap about Absent Friends (of the 4 of us there's only me left).

    Lunch: Soup with added rice, two yogs, a bramble jelly sandwich, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: Police Force Australia, cobber.

    4 times over the limit Zambian student drunk driver on an expired Zambian driving licence thinks it's funny: $1000 and 6 months ban: he's fecking lucky it's not here or it'd be 18 months & a lot more.

    Bunch of 4 Asian "Students" done for armed robbery and fraud: sentences between 2.5 years & 5 years, with one getting 15 months suspended. Nice guys.

    I'm sure they're all really lovely people being oppressed by the evil Oz s.

    Freecell score: 86%, running average 84%.

    Tea: spag with fiery bol, a couple of yogs, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: Ancient Alien bollox (Easter Island) on Bravo.

    Babylon 5 S1 E1 "Midnight on the firing line"

    Babylon 5 S1 E2 "Soul Eater".

    Babylon 5 S1 E3 "Born to the purple".

    Babylon 5 S1 E4 "Infection": wherein a pre "Ducky" David McCallum appears: apparently he'd seen things we people wouldn't believe, or some such.

    Some UFO bollox, this time on DMAX rather than Blaze: Majestic 12 & all that. Good show: MJ12 offed JFK.
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    When the fun stops, STOP.


      This morning's efforts are done and now it's over to the vendor doing the actual migration into SharePoint. A bit of work needed later to check they've picked up everything we expect them to.

      Out of > 5 million files / file versions we had just one that was out of sync, created at 0938 this morning by some idiot who didn't read their comms which said we won't migrate anything created / amended after 1800 EST. Our sync would have been perfect if it wasn't for them. Meh.

      I'd had the foresight to put a load in the WM before I started work and have just hung that out. Jumpers now in the WM.

      Ocado due any time now.


        Now having a celebratory mince pie.


          Still waiting for Ocado


            I've counted up the carrier bags to return (18) for which they will refund the plastic bag charge


              I have 6 Music on for a change - haven't had the radio on beyond bedtime / getting up time for ages


                The expected sunshine hasn't fought its way through the cloud cover. I suspect it won't manage it today


                  I keep thinking about looking up a rust treatment for the bits of exterior wall that must hold bits of old nail or some such behind the render. It's not really my problem to fix but I have to look at it


                    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                    I've counted up the carrier bags to return (18) for which they will refund the plastic bag charge
                    They still give you carrier bags? Morrisons it's here a basket empty it as quickly as you can - we will be waiting by the door.
                    merely at clientco for the entertainment


                      merely at clientco for the entertainment