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test please delete

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    Morning denizens

    Sunny out, though apparently it's going to cloud over soon. Currently quite mild at 7°C, with 8° due to arrive along with the clouds. Barometers: back up a bit at 1017/1-25mB


      Lunch: sausage and bacon cob


        Chicken soup is beginning to happen in the InstantPot™ but I haven't decided what kind. It'll be one with tomatoes and lentils, but the question is: zingy or herby?

        Probably zingy; it's appropriate for the time of year


          Back home. Unpacked. Laundry basket full.

          HWMBO ordered dinner from a Philippino place which has just arrived.


            Ents is Inside the Factory about chairs with a visit to Ercol and a look at wartime furniture


              I did go for zingy soup in the end, and extremely nice it is, accompanied by a mixture of multiseed and wholemeal bread; so nice, in fact, that after guzzling one large bowl, I had another half-bowl of it

              And I just portioned it out: six more good-sized bowlsworth to go in the freezer, after maturing in the fridge overnight


                More apple tree pruning done.
                one tree pruned to the desired level. One had about 3m taken off the top of it and is down to about 6m high. And the one I started on yesterday has now had a bit more off it including the whips that were close to the bare electric cables.

                the main chainsaw now needs sharpening, and I could do with several new joints.

                {emotionless greeting}

                Three Word Slogan


                  First on the box this evening was Meet the Chimps, making up for the lack of Monkey Life

                  Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                  Ents is Inside the Factory about chairs with a visit to Ercol and a look at wartime furniture
                  Then the very same chair factory thing during and after dinner, followed by a couple of shortened versions of S4 episodes of The Repair Shop. And finally, Air Crash Investigation about the Air France A330 that left Brazil and disappeared over the Atlantic

                  Goodnight all


                    Morning all

                    Cor it's chilly back in blighty! Clear sky, 1 degree with a max of 8 later. No rain forecast and the barometer is at 1035 mBar.

                    Just waiting for the coffee machine before I find out what my first day back at work will be like.


                      I wouldn't hold out much hope - as you seem to have missed a very obvious zentury post.
                      merely at clientco for the entertainment