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    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
    In the Chinese
    And very nice too

    Which is more than can be said for the weather. Rainy, and a not very nice wind to blow it in your face


      I had a hankering to make some pastry and perhaps my own mincemeat (the sweet variety) but couldn't bring myself to go outside again to purchase the required items.

      Watched catch up tat - MasterChef, Dr Who, Van Helsing.

      Rain began a while ago and is expected to continue for the rest of the evening.


        Telly, apart from some police gubbins with dinner, has been the last episode of Trucking Hell S4, which for some reason I hadn't watched yet - I must have been saving it up

        Early night now, for tomorrow is Antipodean Zoom day, and thanks to the clocks having changed for summer down there, it's at the ungodly hour of 8:30am

        Goodnight all


          Dropped loony lady 1 off at airport. I'm not used to getting up at 7 these days. Just paid the bleedin' drop off charge online. £5 for 5 minutes, bah!

          If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
          John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)



            Dry (after hammering down during the night).

            Bright with hints of sun to come.

            Cold at 13.5 deg in here.

            1010 mBar, 29.83 in Hg, 757.6 Torr, 62% RH.


            Shopping trip to Tesco & Morrisons done, dusted, washed, dried, sanitised & put away.

            The chicken breasts are aroasting with some unidentified sausage accompaniment.

            It's quite sunny out there.

            Looks like the sunroof of the Corolla is leaking.

            The pong of rotting carpet felt brings back memories.

            Time to get rid, I fancy.

            The roast chicken was adequate, one sausage proved to a fiery one (purchased this morning) and they weren't joking about the fiery bit , a red corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

            Entertainment: "Holy Grail in America": obviously a load of bollox since it hasn't mentioned Oak Island & the money pit yet & we all know that's where the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, probably the Holy prepuce, Marie Antoinette's jewels, Shakespeare's manuscripts, pieces of 8, the odd door knob, some ox shoes, the Roswell UFO, and not not forgetting to mention Uncle Tom Cobley & all & all, are located.


            Walk (unabbreviated & unextended) walked in the sunshine & cold wind, pleasant enough.

            Tea: in a moment of madness: chicken sandwich x2 with cranberry sauce, bramble jelly sandwich x2, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea, oh, and a final marmalade sandwich to round everything off, like.

            Entertainment: "Castles" on PBS, being a prog first show back in 2014 on BBC (2 or 4 at a guess).

            BBC4: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04t9h6l

            Doctor Who: E6 of 6. Fecknose what all that was about.

            Quantum Leap: the one on the ship.

            Trucking Hell S5 E1: what I took to be a hint of Rory in teaser/credits thing at the beginning.

            Castles (as above) E1: William the Bastard & his conquest of Engerland.

            Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 5 December 2021, 23:20.
            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Morning denizens

              Zoom call done. Our parents didn't manage to join as they got the time wrong and then couldn't remember how to do it

              Grey day out, dry and calm at the moment but with a chance of drizzle now and then during the day. Currently 5°C with 7° coming later, barometers up a bit at 998/1005mB


                Morning all

                a tad breezy overnight, just about to go out with The Dogtw then prepare for neighbours invading.
                …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                  The slow cooker has been started along the road to Scotch broth


                    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                    The slow cooker has been started along the road to Scotch broth
                    Is that with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby?


                      Lunch: sausage and bacon cob (cobs are the crusty ones), red sauce