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test please delete

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    Right, that's me done for the day

    I didn't even have time to go for my walk at lunchtime, as I've taken to doing on Thursdays, because there was too much going on

    But it's sunny now and up to 21°C so I'll go in a bit

    Only five more working days


      Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

      Quite pleasant out there


        On the way out I took the recycling down with me and trundled forth the bin. It's only about half full, but they'll empty it anyway so it might as well go out


          I didn't get time to walk up to the high street to book in my eye test and, having discovered a hole in the knee of my leggings (which I made worse by poking my finger through it), I couldn't be bothered to change into less religious clothing to do a walk after I'd logged off.

          I will go up there tomorrow.

          Watched the tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh that the BBC aired yesterday. It was pleasant enough but not sure why it attracted so many column inches in the paper.

          Realised I'm on the home run of TCoOI having just passed the half way mark on S8.


            Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
            Realised I'm on the home run of TCoOI having just passed the half way mark on S8.
            Season 9 looks like it'll start airing on 2 November


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
              (Both of those are real objections that he's raised in the past. The commented-out line of code one almost every time.)

              I wonder how he/she/it/they would have coped with the boundless conditional assembly in the source code for the Comcare telephone thing.

              My personal favourite was "Julian's_LED_Test".

              Even better, the cross assembler itself was "homegrown" & running on a Mac.

              Ah, dear dead days beyond recall.

              The wonders of the MC6805 something or other.

              Well that was inneresting: one of the chaps I worked with spent some time as a "machine operator" at Ford in Bridgend.

              He was redundant from a software job in Cardiff after 11 years.

              Some of his choices look as doubtful as some of mine.

              Looks like another chap I worked with there is no longer with us, having dropped off the Electoral Register in 2015.
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              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Burger and chips for tea. Tasty


                  The recycling has been trundled.

                  Someone was burning some very smelly herbs earlier. Not an odour I particularly like.


                    Telly was the leftover last twenty minutes or so of a bailiff programme on My5 whilst dining; didn't bother other than that

                    Last Friday of the gig tomorrow! And of course I want to get my walk in first thing, and recover the recycling bin; so it's time for a properly early night

                    Goodnight all


                      Morning denizens

                      Going be a sunny start out once the sun rises sufficiently to overtop the neighbourhood. Currently 11°C but heading for 22° by early afternoon, when it'll start to cloud over. Barometers down a bit though, at 1007/1015mB