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    Tea has been chicken madras with rice and naan, and was absolutely delicious

    Accompanied by a bit of 24 Hours in A&E because nothing makes dinner taste better than gawping at gaping wounds and pensioners' tears


      Ents was a bit of The Sky at Night, something with Alan Yentob and Tom Stoppard, then a couple of episodes of The Curse of Oak Island. More ox shoes found.

      Bin to be trundled and then off to bed. Recycling can wait for Friday's collection.


        More of the medical brouhaha watched

        Only eight more working days to go. I'd better get to sleep so I'm in a fit state to cram everything that needs doing into that time

        Goodnight all


          Morning denizens

          Had a fairly rubbish night's sleep. Quite decent deep sleep at times, but I kept on being half-woken by dreams which combined utter mundanity with a vague sense of foreboding, insofar as I could remember them at all

          Despite the best efforts of a small patch of cloud to shield us from its fiery gaze, the sun has risen over the buildings opposite. Apparently this dynamic will be replayed throughout the day, which is forecast to be "mostly cloudy". Currently 12°C with 20° forecast later, barometers up fairly sharply at 1022/1030mB


            Morning all
            {emotionless greeting}

            Three Word Slogan


              Originally posted by WTFH View Post
              Morning all
              Morning. Overcast again.

              Water temperature
              Birs 13.7 °C
              Rhein 18.5 °C

              Air Temperature 12.7 °C
              Sunshine 0 of 10 min
              Precipitation 0 mm/h
              Wind speed 4 km/h
              Wind direction NW
              Wind gusts 9 km/h
              Relative humidity 95%
              Pressure 989 hPa
              Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!




                Vaguely sunny.

                Blue white sky.

                Cooler at 18.2 deg in here.

                1027 mBar, 30.33 in Hg, 770.3 Torr, 73% RH.


                TV Times purchased.

                Unmasked oiks present.

                Walk walked. Chilly to begin with, but warmed up nicely as the ascent continued.

                Lunch: scrambled egg and poached tomato on Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt toast, bramble jelly sandwich on same, yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.


                "Meet me at the museum" on R4.

                NZ Border Control: the ant farm scandal.

                Over stayers.

                Best of all: a shedload of undeclared "meats" and my personal favourite, the sweets with the unusual ingredient of "Terrapin extract". .

                And next: a hooker overstayer. $NZ40 for 30 minutes, $NZ60 for the full hour.

                One hooker overstayer looked very much as if she might have a large adam's apple and big hands.

                Another hole drilled in the endless pursuit of the installation of the cable down to the garage. .

                Used Strangelove Pater's rather larger power drill which proved to be even more crap than my crap power drill.

                The next hole will be drilled using the sds drill (large and larger) that live upstairs in the box room.

                Tea: Tesco breaded haddock, some unspecified fruit (tinned), a yog or two, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: Discovering Richard Attenborough.

                Rookie S1 E1 with that Castle bloke, the one who was bisected by Buffy in one of her more violent moves. <- bet his watered a bit.

                Not exactly gripping my attention.

                Bad Skin Clinic: a lady with excess facial hair, poor thing.

                The Good Doctor fixed that problem quite successfully.

                A chap with curious bumps on his nuts.

                Scrotal calcinosis: stone me, watching those local anaesthetic injections makes your toes curl.

                And another victim of ear piercing: a fine collection of keloids.

                And a chap with angiolipomas.

                In other news, the smaller of the two available sds drills was extracted from its resting place & still appears to work.

                And there's a 22mm sds drill bit available for drilling the needful holes tomorrow.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Morning all

                  Blue sky, dry and sunny out. Currently 12 degrees with a high of 20 expected. Cloud cover due to increase as the day progresses. Barometer has leapt up to 1029 mBar.

                  Rubbish sleep, am all scratchy eyed and headachy this morning.

                  Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                  'Galileo' space mission terminated by sending the probe into Jupiter's atmosphere, where it's crushed by pressure at lower altitudes 2003


                    Took a walk up to the high street to pick up a sandwich for lunch (chicken, parmesan and sun dried tomato demi-baguette) in the hope that it would help ease the nagging headache (it didn't).

                    It's very warm and sunny out. I didn't really need my jacket.


                      Lunch was some southern not-fried chicken drumsticks left over from last week

                      I'm experiencing a bit of a mid-afternoon slump. Teapot to the rescue! Might have some biccies too