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    Late lunch, or early tea? Nobody knows, but either way: lovely big fry-up, as befits a Sunday


      Bed was stripped on return from breakfast, once HWMBO had packed.

      First load was put in the WM before taking him to the airport. Now I'm back, load one has been hung up and the second load is now in.

      Turned the work laptop on to make sure there's no surprises for tomorrow morning. Only IT closing a ticket claiming I wasn't responding to requests for information (I was on holiday!) and asking for information they've already had twice. It's taken 4 months to provision a network share and assign permissions to it


        Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
        Late lunch, or early tea? Nobody knows, but either way: lovely big fry-up, as befits a Sunday
        Indeed Brunch was egg, bacon, posh mushrooms, asparagus in a muffin. Washed down with a pint of coffee liberally laced with sugar free caramel flavouring.

        Miss V3 joined me on the egg & bacon. Not big on mushrooms or asparagus.
        Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


          Originally posted by vetran View Post

          WTF is mellowing in his old age!
          <sing> they call him mellow yellow </sing>

          When the fun stops, STOP.


            Second load out of the WM and hung up.

            Towels now in.

            I'll do the mattress cover in the week once things have dried and I have more space.

            Thought I was catching up on 24 Hours in A&E but the bit at the end where they give the birth/death years of those that passed away said 2017

            EDIT: I see that this year's episodes say 'first shown' before the date and and the repeats just show the most recent date of airing. Sneaky.


              Brightened up a bit here later in the afternoon

              There were dire prognostications about a massive storm sweeping through, but as far as I can tell just rained moderately for a bit this morning


                There was a brief shower this afternoon, just before I took HWMBO to the airport, but other than wash the worst of the dust off my car it didn't stick around to cause much annoyance.

                Towels washed and hung out.

                Still not yet made the bed but I did hoover it when having a quick wizz about to get fluff off the carpet.

                A couple of episodes of The Curse of Oak Island watched.

                Realised I've not had dinner so a healthy meal of fish fingers and chips is in the oven (McCains bistro chips are pricey but do come out nice and crispy)


                  Dinner eaten.

                  Oak Island tutted at.

                  Emailed landlady about a light switch hanging off the wall.

                  Bed about to be made.

                  Bed time will commence once bed has been made.


                    Telly, other than Monkey Life this afternoon and evening, has been the rest of the thing about Silk Road

                    It ended with a nice re-enactment of the arrest of DPR when a couple of FBI agents pretended to have an argument behind him as he was on the site in a public library, allowing another agent to leap out and grab his laptop, still logged into his account, while yet more rushed up and grabbed him. Pretty neat operation, I'll give them that

                    Another Monday looms. One more after that before - I sincerely hope - I get to have a bit of a break

                    Goodnight all


                      Morning denizens

                      The sun has just risen over the shops opposite, and it seems it will be with us for much or all of the day. Currently 10°C rising to 20° this afternoon, barometers distinctly up at 1014/1022mB