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    Morning all

    Overcast and dull but occasionally the sun battles its way through the cloud and makes reading my screen impossible. Currently 9 degrees ('feels like' 6) with a forecast high of 14 later. Looks like it'll be a sunshine and showers type day. Barometer up to 1002 mBar.

    Today's Kantar diary fact is:
    Picasso's 'Women of Algiers' sells at auction for US $160 million at Christie's in New York 2015




      Blue white sky.


      17.2 deg in here.

      1004 mBar, in Hg, 55% RH.


      The handwashing of the jumpers appears to have been successful and they seem to have survived the spindrier.


      TV Times purchased from the post office.

      Walk walked in the sunshine.

      Lunch: Heinz lentil & ham soup with Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed bread, bramble jelly sandwich on same (x2 I don't care if I do get fatter), a yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

      Entertainment: the last 20 minutes of "The Tall T (1957)" with that Randolph Scott.

      Possibly followed by the 25 minutes of "Discovering Richard Harris" that I didn't watch yesterday.

      Well most of it actually.

      Something else I found: all about murders during the blitz and how forensic science developed.

      Trucking Hell S2 E7 wherein Rory tows a torched library van back to a council yard.

      Tea: Tesco breaded cod, the last of the tinned fruit cocktail, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

      Entertainment: "Discovering James Coburn" on Sky Arts.

      "Elizabeth the Golden Age (2007)" wherein no protestants were burned but another Queen Mary quite lost her head & the Spanish lost their Armada, thusly setting the scene for the largest empire the world has seen so far.

      Tudur Owen's TV Flashback: one I've seen before, funny in parts, toe curling in others.

      Double Cross: the true Story of the D Day spies on BBC4.

      Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 11 May 2021, 22:43.
      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Breakfast was a couple of rounds of buttered wholemeal toast, while lunch has been the portion of chicken and barley soup that wouldn't fit in the freezer, with more wholemeal

        In between the two it's been grey, with frequent rain


          I haven't noticed any rain but it has been intermittently sunny and overcast all day.

          Lunch was some left overs foraged from the fridge. HWMBO is prepping duck for dinner.


            Just wasted an hour trying to work out why a field in a form wasn't being initialised properly. Turned out I was using the wrong name for it

            Turned sunny and Simpsonesque out there now in time for my walk


              Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

              Very pleasant evening out there. Currently 16°C, and there's just a bit of light breeze occasionally that's quite refreshing really


                Tea: chicken in red wine sauce with chips and peas

                Or, if you prefer it in French, coq au vin avec pommes frites et petits pois


                  A bit more Trucking Hell was watched, just because

                  And now another early night

                  Goodnight all


                    Morning denizens

                    Sunny start out after what seems to have been a wet night, currently 8°C but aiming for 16°, cloud and rain due at lunchtime (60%) and overnight (70%), barometer fairly steady at 997/1005mB

                    I enjoyed Elizabeth: the Golden Age when I watched it a while ago


                      Morning all

                      Overcast and damp out. Currently 8 degrees with a high of 13. Rain expected off and on throughout the day. Barometer up to 1006 mBar.

                      Yesterday evening HMWBO made a duck casserole (it has a fancy name I fail to remember) and made one of the units we picked up in IKEA on Sunday. Ents wasn't much but did include watching a YouTube video of Matt Parker talking about Fibonacci numbers.

                      Today I have a half day as we're going out for lunch! Alcohol curfews mean that evening meals out aren't a thing for a couple more weeks yet so lunch it is. This means I'll be asleep by 5pm. Things feel almost normal when out and about. Just masks indoors and limits on the number of people in shops, as you'd expect.

                      Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                      Famously known as the 'lady with the lamp', Florence Nightingale is born 1820