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    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
    But… it's raining steadily and heavily and, according to the weather app, will continue to do so for at least a couple more hours

    So the Sainsbury's trip will probably be postponed until tomorrow. I might go down there in the day. I could get lunch from the tepid food counter; haven't done that in a while
    Change of plan: by seven the rain had stopped, the weather radar suggested it wouldn't come back, and the weather app had changed its earlier gloomy view of things. So off to Sainsbury's I went

    Nice and quiet again down there, and by dint of wandering around I was able to remember several non-perishable items that I'd been meaning to stock up on but kept forgetting

    So that's that done, and now I can get through ClientCo business tomorrow and relax, having nothing involving going outside to bother about other than remembering to retrieve the recycling bin and going for a walk


      Originally posted by eek View Post


        Sainsbury's chunky battered haddock with chips and beans for tea

        The air fryer thingy is perfect for making stuff like that (well, not the beans, they were in the microwave)

        And the electric slicer did a cracking job of slicing the wholemeal loaf I bought, ready for freezing


          Originally posted by eek View Post
          Woo! Century!

          (how did I miss that??)


            Despite it being World Cocktail Day, we are only just about to commence cocktail #3 as play was interrupted by wine with dinner.


              TV was an episode of Traffic Cops which I started watching whilst dining and ended up watching the rest of because it was easier than thinking of anything else to do

              Reasonably tired now after my early start and generally busy day

              Goodnight all


                New Trucking Hell!

                On the opening scenes both HWMBO and I went "woah!" when we saw the lorry in the ditch...

                Cocktail #5 on deck (yep, one went down very quickly)


                  Morning denizens

                  Another grey start, currently 7°C and dry, no better than 13° expected but no rain until the early hours of tomorrow, barometers up a little at 1000/1008mB

                  And another early start for me. If I'm going to keep waking up at 6:30 I'll have to start getting to bed earlier

                  Might go for another early walk


                    Walk briskly walked beneath the grey sky, green ring closed

                    The road outside that was almost deserted when I left was busy when I got back. Surprising what a difference thirty minutes makes at this time of day

                    And the bin folk were already at work over the hill.


                      Toasted teacake with lashings of butter for post-walk breakfast

                      Better get some work done now I suppose