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    In the Chinese


      Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
      In the Chinese
      ed at this turn of events...
      merely at clientco for the entertainment


        Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
        In the Chinese
        And very nice it was, as ever

        Busyness status: undetermined, as Janet was upstairs when I arrived so I was dealt with by the young Chinese lady who started working there a few weeks ago. Then when Janet came back, one of the delivery drivers had just returned at the end of his shift and she immediately had to start going through all his receipts, so my only contact with her was a quick hello. But I imagine it was busy earlier


          Originally posted by eek View Post

          ed at this turn of events...
          Yes, bit of a turn up for the books


            Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

            There's nowt wrong wit lamb mince, if used appropriately. In a spag bol is not appropriate.


            Opinions seem to differ:


            I've made it with beef mince and beef & pork mince, both of which turned out ok, this lamb mince was too strong, though considering the swelling of the packaging* maybe it was a bit too far gone.

            *Despite residing in the freezer from the time I bought it last Sunday until Thursday.

            I await the tasting of the chilli con carne with innerest.

            They reckon it's ok on mumsnet so I'll just go with the flow, there's only 4 weeks worth in the freezer.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              I tried making bol with lamb mince once years ago, and as I recall it wasn't pleasing due to the fattiness of lamb, so I haven't since. I do use lamb mince for making my fake donner meat though

              Tonight's first repeat viewing was The Villainess (2017), one of those Korean things involving vengeance and a lot of violence. The sword fight on motorbikes is a notable feature of this one, thought there are plenty of other notable features to it. Good stuff

              After all that excitement, something a little more sedate (and in English) seemed in order; and it turns out Atomic Blonde (2017) really is quite sedate in comparison

              And then onwards with The Shield: S3E6 Posse Up (TV Episode 2004) and S3E7 Safe (TV Episode 2004). As always in this show, bad things don't only happen to good people - they happen to all and sundry

              Goodnight all


                And as NF posted that & was going to bed, I was getting up after waking unbidden at a quarter past sparrow fart yet again.



                Dry (as in it's not raining at the moment).

                Dark (or it was then: if not actually dark then crepuscular).

                Warm. 18 deg in here.

                993 mBar, 29.32 in Hg, 54% RH.


                Since it's not currently precipitating: Walk Walked.

                The res, which was empty on Friday, is now full: water is thundering down the spillway and the leat to the 2nd pond is overtopping its banks once more.

                If they don't do sommat about that there'll be a breach though the consequences wouldn't be serious.

                I took the opportunity to explore the formal cascades above the fishpond.

                I don't think I've been up there in 30 years or more.

                Entertainment: the web documentaries for "Episode III: revenge".

                Shopping trip to Tesco and Morrisons done, dusted, washed, dried, sterilised and put away.

                Lunch: roast chicken breast with sausage, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                Entertainment: more of "Episode III" documentary.

                Apparently it took 70,000 man/woman/wookie hours to make 1 particular minute of the film.

                Acting against a blue or green screen seems to be a form of torture which should be banned under the Geneva convention.

                Another walk walked to make up for the lack of walking a walk yesterday.

                If I don't sleep tonight there's really sommat wrong somewhere.

                In better news I bought a Ginsters Vegan Moroccan pasty this morning, so guess wot's for tea.

                In other other "no tulip sherlock" news, Musk is on the spectrum.

                Whoever would have thunk it.

                Tea: Ginsters vegan moroccan pasty, very nice, managed not to overheat it, Heinz tomato soup with a hint of chilli, Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, bramble jelly sandwich on crust of same, a yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                In other news, the horse chestnut trees around here were flowering last week.

                It's almost time to cast a clout since the may is on the verge of being out.

                The birdies have consumed all the fatballs, three went since this morning and I've run out.

                Entertainment: "The Nevadan (1950)" with that Randolph Scott, followed by "Man in the saddle (1951)" with that Randolph Scott.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Afternoon all

                  Dull and grey, chilly in the wind. Dampness to the air. However, it's a balmy 13 degrees ('feels like' 11) with a high of 14. Rain not likely until this evening. Barometer at 989 mBar.

                  We were going to drive to Perth via the Falkirk Wheel and Stirling Castle but other things have taken precendence so that's been postponed to a future visit. Instead we had a lovely long lie in, followed by a measuring of the garden for a patio, and then me attempting to extend the car hire to next weekend. Much confusion around me wanting to drop it at the airport rather than the city centre location I picked it up from.

                  Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                  Samuel Pepys witnesses the first 'Punch and Judy' show at Covent Garden in London 1662
                  I did a stroll around Windsor on 2 Oct for Alzheimer's Society. You can chuck me a few quid here if you like: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/lmallen-1


                    Afternoon denizens

                    Grey day again here, but a veritable balmy 19°C and no rain likely until this evening; 983/991mB on the barometer front

                    The Big Chicken has been dissected (well, dissected more) and is now in the slow cooker with veg, on its way to becoming chicken & barley soup some time tonight


                      Temperature 28.1 °C
                      Relative humidity 26%
                      Pressure 970 hPa

                      Brilliant sunshine. Went for a walk this morning around the Ermitage today - largest English Landscaped garden in continental Europe.
                      Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!