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test please delete

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    Took a walk up to the high street to procure comestibles. The sun came out for a while and it was quite pleasant. It's since turned considerably dull and dreary looking. No rain yet.

    I may close the living room window. I opened it on getting home as the flat felt stuffy but now it's getting a bit chilly.


      Feeling very tired all of a sudden

      When I had the first jab, I was fine until six hours after pretty much to the minute, when I went all of a slump. Feeling a similar effect now, starting two hours after. But apparently the side effects of a second jab tend to be stronger, at least with the Pfizer vaccine; maybe they also come on quicker?

      Anyway, day's almost over, and last time I was fine the next day. If needs be, I just have to get through tomorrow and then I've got the weekend to recover


        Just spoke to my mum, who also had Pfizer and had her second jab last week. She also felt the tiredness about six hours after the first jab, but a few hours sooner after the second. So I must have inherited my susceptibility to the side effects from her


          Been AWOL for a bit. Sorry about that.

          Breakfast - egg on toast.
          Lunch Chicken & Vegetable soup.
          Dinner - Steak, fried mushrooms & vegetables.

          Ents have been over the last few nights.

          The Mule - Mr Eastwood's latest offering not as good as Gran Torino but not bad. Clint as a septuagenarian drug smuggler was interesting.
          The Mauritanian - Jodi Foster and Benedict Cumberbitch in a story about abuse at Gitmo-interesting.
          Songbird - zombie like thriller about contagion - OK.

          Currently on Army of one = Blonde Bimbo ranger versus the Hillbilly mafia. - bit of a laugh.
          Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


            Tea has been Southern not-fried chicken bits with chips and lashings of red sauce

            Still feeling very weary, but at least it hasn't got any worse

            Probably be fine tomorrow


              HWMBO cooked a very delicious beef stew with mashed potatoes and roasted bone marrow on toast.

              I haven't had any vaccinations but I hit a low energy slump in the afternoon while we were out at the shops and I'm still knackered.

              Not looking forward to cleaning the kitchen.


                TV has been more Trucking Hell because I really wasn't up to anything more demanding. After the one the other night with a lorry broken down by Big Sainsbury's, tonight saw a lorry broken down by the other Big Sainsbury's on the opposite side of the city, also on the Fosse Way

                Though the driver referred to it as the A47, and it's actually the A607. But further up it turns into the A46, so that's probably why he got them mixed up

                Still knackered, so definitely an early night for me

                Oh, and the arm's starting to hurt; not badly though, and only if I touch it in the vicinity of the injection site. So I won't

                Goodnight all


                  Up to 17C today. But currently:

                  Temperature 1.6 °C
                  Relative humidity 68%
                  Pressure 982 hPa

                  Last nights was vietnamese crunchy grilled pork, in rice paper wraps, with lettuce, cucumber and spring onion, and peanut/coconut sauce and fish sauce. It's the recipe my mother-in-law used to do.

                  Wifey unexpectedly working this morning. I need to do some serious debugging - once I've figured out how to get the enhanced java decompiler to work in debug mode.
                  Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


                    Morning denizens

                    Grey start out, 6°C with the prospect of 9° later, 1002/1010mB

                    The injection site is pretty sore this morning, though I don't think it's any worse than last time, when it sorted itself out within a couple of days. Not sure if the weariness has lifted because, well, look at the time; I've only just started my coffee and always feel like this first thing. But I reckon it'll probably be better today


                      Morning meeting done. Everybody was very keen to hear about my vaccine experience, as they're all younger than me and are clearly impatiently awaiting their turns

                      I remembered I had some nectarines in the fridge, so I was sustained by one of those rather than toast this time