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test please delete

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    Now sitting in it while it ticks over for a while
    Loony lady 2, who I haven't walked with for a while, spends much of her day just sitting in her car when she's not wandering around the village. Seems to hate being at home.

    If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
    John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


      Walked around the block a bit.
      posted 'proof of life' forms to CH and NL for my respective state pensions.
      had a bacon and egg brown bap, with HP <manly> sauce* and earl grey tea.
      Recycling trundled.
      Sunday sodding Sunday.

      *other sauces are available, for wooses.


        Originally posted by BrilloPad View Post
        She is saying nice things about me! I will get her straight in for a scan.
        time to get her sectioned!

        Hope she gets better soon, you finally found someone to put up with you!
        "If you didn't do anything that wasn't good for you it would be a very dull life. What are you gonna do? Everything that is pleasant in life is dangerous."

        I want to see the hand of history on his collar.


          Informed my Dad about the car needing a jump start. He doesn't think a 20 minute tick over is sufficient to properly charge and days it needs a long run. Oh well.

          Went for a walk, to South Kensington and back. Chilly but dry, little wind. I did 2.3 miles apparently. First mile done in 17m14s and the second mile in 18m43s which did include me stopping to buy a newspaper for HWMBO.


            Originally posted by BrilloPad View Post
            WEnt for a bath last night. I heard someone come in the house. Next I heard loads of screaming! Dashed out in bath robe. MrsBP cllapse - at bottom of stairs seemingly not breathing. As I was on phone for ambulance she came round.

            Couple of bangs on head. Upper back hurts. Shoulder hurts.

            Waited 70 minutes for ambulance then cancelled it. She seemed fine.

            Friends are repairing a chair and had dropped it off. MrsBP went upstairs to get something - probably went up too fast. Fell down about 4/5 steps.

            I am now going to designate her a dalek and keep her away from stairs.....
            Hope she's OK!


              Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
              Informed my Dad about the car needing a jump start. He doesn't think a 20 minute tick over is sufficient to properly charge and days it needs a long run. Oh well.
              Try racing up and down The Mall at 70mph for an hour or so, that should sort it out


                We are watching Polar (2019) - IMDb

                A retiring assassin suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of a hit, contracted by none other than his own employer seeking to cash in on the pensions of aging employees.

                Potentially lots of gun fighting, bangy nonsense that's maybe not too dissimilar to RED or John Wick.


                  Chicken and chips for tea, with lashings of red sauce


                    No telly tonight, other than the usual police nonsense whilst eating.

                    Goodnight all


                      Originally posted by xoggoth View Post
                      Quite slowly but yes. Second time in two years when I've just been at my front window by chance and seen someone carried out on a stretcher.
                      I think I see the common link here. Stop looking out of the window! Have you run out of websites of girls with fat bottoms to look at? Maybe they are making the world go round?