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test please delete

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    75 mile drive early doors to Avon Beach because Mrs Scruff wanted to go paddle boarding. Well, it might as well be midwinter, with the wind and sideways rain.

    Steak and Ale pie eaten for breakfast on the quayside. Must be the unhealthiest brekkie I've eaten for a while. Suet pastry is just wrong - prefer flaky, any day.
    I was an IPSE Consultative Council Member, until the BoD abolished it. I am not an IPSE Member, since they have no longer have any relevance to me, as an IT Contractor. Read my lips...I recommend QDOS for ALL your Insurance requirements (Contact me for a referral code).


      Morning all

      Wet and windy out. Waited for it to ease before going for a walk.
      {emotionless greeting}

      Three Word Slogan


        just surfaced.
        mustafa cuppa.


          Morning all.

          Light showers on and off so far this morning. Currently 18 degrees, high expected of 21, further fall in pressure down to 1004 mBar.

          I may have to do some work this weekend.

          Cocktails over zoom at 5 pm.

          I've never seen In Bruges but it's been on my to-do list for a long time.


            Here's a classic:

            The F-35 Lightning II Can'''t Fly Near...Lightning

            Inflammable nitrogen and flammable oxygen.

            Obviously rit by an idiot.

            A typical OBIGGS system diverts air from the aircraft engine and separates the nitrogen, injecting it into the jet’s fuel tanks.

            The more inflammable nitrogen present the less flammable oxygen, helping reduce the possibility of fuel tank explosions

            Nitrogen isn't inflammable and oxygen isn't flammable.

            Apart from that the article is perfect.

            The other question, of course, is why the UK is buying these flying turkeys in the first place.
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            When the fun stops, STOP.


              Talking of air flow indoors, I have had both bedroom and living room windows open for some time. These are at approximately opposite ends of my flat so provide good air flow. I tend not to close doors to aid this.

              At 6.30 am this morning the breeze was such that my bedroom door, which was ajar rather than fully open, slammed shut. My bedroom then became uncomfortably warm over the following couple of hours, forcing me out of bed before 9 am.


                And in laundry news, just the one load of clothes this week - currently in the WM with the get a wriggle on button pressed.

                I did finally properly fold and put away last weekend's laundry yesterday.


                  Morning denizens

                  Grey, 17°C, with showers from time to time; but no thunderstorms yet, and they seem to have been quietly dropped from the schedule


                    Originally posted by Scruff View Post
                    Steak and Ale pie eaten for breakfast on the quayside. Must be the unhealthiest brekkie I've eaten for a while. Suet pastry is just wrong - prefer flaky, any day.
                    Suet pastry's very filling though


                      Washing out and distributed around all the usual places.

                      A little bit of work done as sleeping on what I was doing yesterday meant I dreamt up a better approach. Much happier now and it'll make completing the task much easier.