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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
    It was all taking so long, I was sure I'd be pipped
    I've seen glaciers move faster than this ClientCo laptop.


      Straight in at M&S

      Now queuing at Sainsbury’s but only along the front of the building, not half way to the M69


        More gardening engardened.

        The little patch of ground to the side of the salting house has been weeded.

        Pleased to see that a couple of the sprouting spuds I planted seem to be coming up.

        The lawn to be has been forked over again in part.

        Much sweat expended since it's warm out there this afternoon.

        The soil is like dust which makes forking that much easier.

        Tea: chilli con carne and rice, orange segments and custard, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.
        When the fun stops, STOP.


          Home again, and shopping all dealt with. Dripping with sweat now, mainly due to carting it all (nine bags, I think) in from the car in one extremely heavy and unwieldy go, then splitting it at the foot of the stairs and making two still-heavy trips up (and down again between), then backing-and-forthing in the kitchen putting it all away

          The freezer is now too full for anything else again, though that’s partly because I got large wholemeal and white loaves which take up about three-quarters of a basket between them, along with white finger rolls and large wholemeal baps. It all adds up, and you can’t squash them into gaps, or not very much

          The fridge is also rather full, particularly the meat shelf. I’m going to have to eat a lot of bread quite quickly to make room for whatever I do with that lot

          I was a bit taken aback at the total at the self-checkout in Sainsbury’s. Then I realised that it was only a bit more than I usually spent in a week; but it’s two weeks since I had the delivery, and two weeks before that that I last went shopping, and in turn two weeks before that etc. So if anything, I was probably quite restrained, or have just got better at not buying crap I don’t really need

          Oh, and the latest Viz Comic is out


            Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
            I accepted one that was being given out when I went to Whole Foods the other day. Didn't put it on to go into the store though; too risky. I have since liberally sprayed it with my 70% alcohol spray I got from the chemist so it's safe to wear but I too would feel a bit of a pillock.
            I put it on for M&S, and was literally the only one there who’d bothered

            And the (mostly old) customers in there all seem to have decided that social distancing has now been put back in its traditional place as what you do to somebody who passes the port the wrong way

            I completely forgot about it at Sainsbury’s until I saw another person with one. I decided that it was now too late to be bothered. Also, either people were a bit better at keeping away, or there’s just more room so they’re easier to dodge


              A-trundling I did go. Very nice evening out there; 21°C and a light, refreshing breeze


                It is cooler today. 18 degrees at the moment.

                Went for a short walk - just up to my hairdressers and back. So only about a mile and a half round trip (yesterday was 3.9 miles according to google timeline ).

                Mis-timed it a bit and had to walk past about a dozen people clapping.

                Main reason for the route was to suss out if the hairdresser has completely given up or has plans to return. At the time they shut up shop, they were definitely optimistic - the sign on the window said their appointment book would reopen from 13 April! I will log in and see if appointments are bookable for mid-June as I reckon (hope!) they will allowed to reopen by then.

                Just recycling put out today.


                  My hairdresser wasn't bookable until 9 July, so I'm booked in for the 11th. Then I realised the 9th is my mum's birthday and I'd probably want to visit her that weekend.

                  Ah I'll go down after my hair has been done


                    Entertainment: The Beiderbecke Affair E6, being the conclusion thereof.

                    Timeless S1 E6 wherein our heroes go back to 1972 and Watergate.

                    Now: Sewermen on Paramount (or 5 by any other name).
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      I’ve started dealing with the congestion in the fridge for tea. First up: M&S Cumberland sausages, with chips and beans. Lovely stuff

                      I seriously considered adding a couple of rashers of bacon and a fried egg, but decided that would probably be going too far