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test please delete

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    dinner was a 1/4 pound beefburger, with extra mature cheddar and sweet chilli sauce.
    and more Rioja.
    tv was 'saturn' on BBC2, - now the village murder capital of olde englande.
    attacked by the usual trolls in general, in passing.
    cant even have a joke in there these days.
    so BAU then.
    ho hum


      they really should change the name of this series to 'midsomer massacres' you know.
      there're always three or more gory deaths in every episode.
      in a sleepy little english village too.
      who'd've thunk it?


        Window shut in the living room as there was a rather nippy breeze. But I've left the one in the bedroom open a bit. The past few nights I've been meaning to switch to the summer duvet rather than the equinoctial one that's on the bed now, but I kept forgetting until I half-woke in the night feeling too hot. Get the temperature down in there, and the problem goes away for another night


          Bin trundled.

          Watching Inside Central Station, the last of season 2. Once again there's an issue on the line and fans risk not getting to Hampden Park in time to watch Scotland v Russia.


            Tea has been the Big Chicken's remaining leg, wing, and skin, reheated in the oven and served up with chips and lashings of red sauce. Lovely stuff

            No trundling for me tonight, as the recycling bins weren't emptied last week

            I just popped out the back though, and there's a couple of bats swooping back and forth around the various gardens and yards


              Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

              Timeless "The Miracle of Xmas I & II" wherein our heroes attempt to undie Rufus.

              HSB S1 E9 "Your Kind, My Kind, Humankind" wherein our heroes do stuff.

              Sapphire & Steel.
              So that's "Timeless" done & dusted. Nice that they rounded it off with a double ep.

              Currently watching "Page 3: the naked truth" on 4++.


              And enough of that tosh, now watching The Equalizer.

              He's not nearly as hard as Mr Callan.
              Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 18 June 2020, 21:47.
              When the fun stops, STOP.


                Finished season 1 of Cardinal.

                …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                  Faffed a bit and wasted time on goodness knows what.

                  Now for bed and then four days off


                    Being in more of a mood tonight to tolerate Worf whining about the other Klingons not letting him play, I backtracked on ST:TNG to watch Reunion (TV Episode 1990). It's actually a very good episode which didn't need anything like as much Worf, but it's often the case that they have a really good story but waste some of the time on an additional storyline involving one of the crew for no good reason

                    Speaking of which, I then returned to the correct sequence with The Loss (TV Episode 1990), which was also very good, but could have been better if the entire aspect of the episode to do with Troi had been dispensed with, and more time given to the weird-thing-in-space story

                    Goodnight all