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test please delete

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    another sodden sunday in soggy sarf herts.


      Sunday lunch now a cooking in the oven.

      Gressingham duck legs today (Morrisons, reduced).

      I suppose I'd better get the vaccing done.

      Now the Lidl(tm) ear defenders with built in wireless is buggered it's probably even more that the usual vaccing


      Vaccing vacced. It doesn't take long nowadays with just one little house to do.

      I should have sold this one & kept the other but there you go.

      Battery given a bit of a boost on the car after last week's bijou problemette with starting.

      Must call the scrappy & get shot of the other one, it's been there rusting away long enough.

      Anyone want a 1300cc S reg Corolla automatic that won't start any more?

      Some weird electrical problem, probably in the ECU.

      Insufficiently innerested these days to even open the bonnet.



      The lack of the Lidl eardefender amusement is striking.

      The monsoon with added murrain of beasts and old women & sticks has arrived.

      Just as well I ran the mains cable down the garden path earlier on.
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      When the fun stops, STOP.


        Afternoon all.

        Had the most rubbish night's sleep. Went to bed at usual hour, circa 10 pm, dozed a bit and then was awake from 11.30 pm through to at least 4 am (the last time I looked at the clock). I read a book, I tried to relax to a bit of Classic FM, I did the suicide training MS shared, I lay in the dark trying to relax but was too fidgety.

        Dozed through to about 8 am, dozed a bit more to 10 am when I decided I was bored and got up. I better sleep well this evening!

        Need to venture out to the shops. Raining again. Will just have to suck it up and get on with it.


          Afternoon denizens

          Grey day, but the showers seem to be petering out

          Rumours of sunny spells later. We shall see


            {emotionless greeting}

            Three Word Slogan


              Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
              The monsoon with added murrain of beasts and old women & sticks has arrived.
              Sun's out.

              The duck was nice enough.

              Seemed to gee up the local cats a bit when I put the extractor fan on.

              Oh, and the wind is rising.

              Not my flatulence, but the breeze outside.

              Just found out that Anthony Price, the author, has popped his clogs.

              Anthony Price obituary | Books | The Guardian

              I did like his rather upmarket brand of spy fiction.

              The first one I read was "Our Man in Camelot" which was fairly baffling as an introduction to said oevre.

              The collection is currently residing in the garage since I have no room for it up here.

              The Roger Zelazny collection also resides there which is unfortuate since I have a desire to reread The Amber stories again, the first of which I read nearly 50 years ago.

              I recall being somewhat pissed off when I realised it was the first of a series.

              But what a series.
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              When the fun stops, STOP.


                I needed some sausages, having somehow failed to get any when I was in town on Friday. As Sainsbury's Local has been closed by its cruel corporate overlords, I had to walk all the way down to the Co-op - fully three hundred yards. Each way!

                I suppose I'll have to get used to that again now


                  Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                  Morning all
                  Grey and murky out, but The Dog (tw) needs walking.


                    Meanwhile, the chestnut trees outside are reaching the stage of being nicely dappled in green and yellow, and the conkers are finally falling


                      what's that bright light in the sky???