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    Tea was brought to me from a noodle place across town, not far from the old flat, though I don't think it existed when I lived over there

    It turned out to be exceptionally mediocre, so much so that I gave up on it after eating about a third of it. I won't even bother keeping the leftovers; it can go straight in the bin

    Oh well, we live and learn. Once again, the perils of trying something new are brought into sharp focus


      Lots of wildlife stuff again today, including Monkey Life of course

      And this evening, I returned to the short stories of H. G. Wells, including The Door in the Wall which is one of my favourites

      Very variable weather today; there's been some more rain this evening, and even more expected overnight.

      Goodnight all






        Blue sky.

        Chilly in here at 16.7 deg, 17.5 in the kitchen, 16 deg in the leanto, 13 deg in the saltinghouse.

        999 mBar, 29.5 in Hg, 749.3 Torr, 14.489 psi, (up from 996 last night), 79% RH (GDR hair), 70% RH (Lidl electric).

        Meanwhile on the 10th of October 2019 the discarded umbrella had leapt over the wall on the doctor's patch, suggestions were made for gps tracking, LM was starting more OU courses, and I'd been phoned up by some scamming bastard re the Miele washing machine warranty.

        Shirts in the WM.

        Shirts out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

        Smalls in the WM.

        Smalls out of the WM and pegged out on the line.

        Paddy is getting exercised about cattle herding by police car.

        Cottons in the WM.

        Cottons out of the WM & pegged out on the line.

        Shirts in off the line & roughly iRoned, it must be said that some of said shirts really should be thrown away, the cuff is nearly falling off one, and several have collars that are in a similar condition. Meanwhile the wardrobe is half full of nearly new & new shirts that could be pressed into service. Some of said shirts aren't fit for gardening any more.

        Lunch: beans on toast etc.

        Entertainment during lunch & the iRoning: The Infinte Monkey Cage S20 Brits in Space.

        The Infinite Monkey Cage S21: the science of laughter: it wasn't very funny.

        Walk (unabbreviated) walked in the sunshine & chilly breeze. It's reached the dizzy heights of 18.3 deg in here.

        Freecell score: 93%, running average: 86%: streak of 93 lasting until I made a silly mistake.

        Tea: soup etc.

        Entertainment: bit of POTW, R4 News. The Arch <click>

        The infinite monkey cage S21: Conspiracy Theories.

        The Skinwalker Ranch nutjobbery: "A frequency occurrence": Native American drumming associated with a heat spot on the mesa.

        Flipping Bangers: The car programme following the above is about a Ford Orion this evening. Should be lots of welding in this one. .

        Then again, I thought that about the Triumph Herald & they managed to find one that still had a floor, though we never got to see what state the chassis was in. .

        Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 16 June 2024, 19:59.
        When the fun stops, STOP.


          Morning denizens

          Partly cloudy out, but mainly of the bulbous, white, fluffy form rather than the flatter grey things that brought the rain yesterday and overnight. A fair bit of sun getting through just now, helping the lawn to dry out. A bit milder as well: currently 12°C but soaring to 18° later. The barometers are only up a little though, at 988/996mB


            Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

            Paddy is getting exercised about cattle herding by police car.
            It does look bad if the best idea the plod can come up with for dealing with a frisky calf is to ram it with a big car. I'm pro-calf on this one, I reckon

            Don't they usually get a vet to shoot it with a tranquilliser dart when this kind of thing happens? Perhaps they were remembering how high vets' bills are these days and thought they could save a few bob


              T5 departures. There’s a gin competition. My flight is full up front and my lack of flying means I have no free lounge access.
              …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                Paddy is getting exercised about cattle herding by police car.
                Part of the Ashdown Forest near where I live has free roaming cattle and sheep. Was waiting on the road about 5 mins the other day when a lot of cows with calves were wandering along the road.

                Oh well, must gnosh me raspberries and then get off on me toothpaste inspection. Can I be a* to go to village club this afternoon? Prob. not.

                If everything isn't black and white, I say, 'Why the hell not?'
                John Wayne (My guru, not to be confused with my beloved prophet Jeremy Clarkson)


                  I've got a few promotional emails and such about "The big game tonight". I have no idea what they're referring to, but I believe the Association Football people have some kind of contest going on, so it's probably that


                    After last night's culinary disappointment, I felt the need for a decent takeaway to make up for it and round off the weekend. So tea has been taken away, by me, from the kebab shop. Very nice it was too

                    There must have been something in the park for Eid, as there were quite a few Muslim families walking back from it to their cars parked in the surrounding streets.

                    And on the shopping road, I discovered that today was the twice-yearly local fair, when they close the road and have stalls and bands and so on, though not an actual funfair with waltzers and such. This was the fourth one that I've missed since I bought this place and it was over by the time I went out, though I did see them just finishing breaking the stage down and loading it into the van on the road outside the butcher's


                      Evening all

                      It's been a warm but breezy day with occasional light showers. High of 18. Barometer up to 1008 mBar.

                      Went to visit Mum as usual today. Then on getting home more packing faffing. My house looks like a veritable bomb site, without the rubble.

                      The latest Dr Who has been watched. Next week's finale is apparently also being shown in cinemas.

                      Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                      T5 departures. There’s a gin competition. My flight is full up front and my lack of flying means I have no free lounge access.

                      I could have guested you into the CCR if I had been flying today. But I wasn't.