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    More gardening has been gardened, and with the expected rain, the boot of the car has 6 bags of ground elder, destined for the tip. A few weeds were dug up, some things were planted, and my back is buggered.
    One more day of work until I can return to sitting at a chair, recovering, while being paid to mash my paws on a keyboard.
    …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


      Oh, and TFBSZ
      …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


        Completely forgot about the Canadian border stuff today, though I see from the schedule that they ran out halfway through and had to switch to US ones anyway. And the NZ roads stuff was ones I've seen several times before

        Later: new Surgeons on iPlayer, followed by a new 24 Hours in A&E and a couple of old ones

        It's much easier to relax on a Sunday night when there's a Bank Holiday on the Monday

        Goodnight all


          Local time 2009

          The all inclusive resort hotel is definitely not for me. Having escaped from Colditz to visit Puerto Vallarta for a few hours today, I would definitely return and stay in a little independent boutique hotel in the town instead.

          I knew that but it's good to have such things confirmed.


            Morning all
            Overnight rain, but blue skies right now.
            …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


              Morning denizens

              Rainy grey day out, though a few indomitable pigeons are braving the drizzle to browse the lawn. Currently 8°C, and expected to brighten up a bit and rise to 13° this afternoon. The barometers have turned back down though, at 979/987mB



                Monday apparently.

                Still in the situation described by EO. .



                Blue sky.

                Chilly in here at 13.7 deg, 12.5 deg in the kitchen & leanto.

                990 mBar, 29.234 in Hg, 742.56 Torr, 14.358 psi, (up from 988 last night), 76% RH (GDR hair), 69% RH (Lidl electric).

                Originally posted by NickFitz View Post

                Nice pali!
                Thanks. Didn't even notice until you pointed it out. .

                Meanwhile on the 12th of September 2019 NF was increasingly lurgified but made up for it by cooking a batch of chips in his usual complicated way, whereas I cooked the latest batch of chilli con carne in a less complicated way that suits my simple brain.

                Entertainment: reading ancient photobooks about Briton Ferry & Baglan, and Neath.

                UK Customs thing: bunch landing at Bristol with 38k cigarettes had the fags & the car impounded, the duty on the fags being £10k the car was abandoned. The usual internal concealments. Some numpty with 32kg of ganga in his bag got himself caught. It couldn't qualify as a concealment in any meaningful way. . Tobacco in cable reels.

                Lunch: scrambled egg. Much more of this & I'll be clucking. Still can't risk a fart.

                "Belle of the Yukon (1944)": a musical with Old Stoneface Randolph Scott. This does not compute to be frank but there you go, we completeists and all that.

                10 minutes in & we ain't seen Old Stoneface yet. But there's singing ladies. Weird. 15 mins in & here he is. Smiling. It's frightening. I don't like it.

                Well that was mediocre in a very mediocre sort of way. More guns, less comedy, and no music & it would have been a) shorter and b) less tedious. Nice technicolor though.

                Tea: soup etc.

                Entertainment: PM.

                The Mentalist S2 E4 "Red Badge": one of our heroes is fitted up.

                NCIS S20 E10 "Too many cooks": it's NCIS, NCIS LA, presumably Hawaii as well. Should be dire.

                It was and a double crossover ep to boot: 2nd ep is Hawaii (don't watch it), 3rd ep is LA (don't watch it) so wtf happens is of zero innerest. And next week's ep is a relationship problems ep FFS.

                Car SOS: it's a repeat. Or it was listed as such last week: Saab 900. S10 E5. Yup. A repeat. Next week is a repeat too.
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                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Dog walked, trip to tip done, breakfast eaten, time to get digging.
                  …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


                    In a fit of enthusiasm, I went shopping! The road closure of yore having been lifted, I was able to take the route past the old place, where the chestnut tree is still wary about budding very much this early in the season. And then I realised that it was not yet ten, the traffic near the retail park seemed very light, and approaching from that direction makes M&S an easy detour. So detour I did, solely for the purpose of stocking up on the nice sausages I like to have for lunch in finger rolls. Thanks to there being very few people/cars about and being able to scan and pay on the phone app, the entire diversion only added about seven minutes to the trip

                    So onwards to Sainsbury's, which was also in a manageable state as far as occupation by the great unwashed was concerned. I managed to get what I needed (or remembered I needed, which is almost but not quite the same thing) and also made a detour to the Oxfam bins, where I was able to dispose of the bags of old clothes that have been in the car since I found the ones at the other Sainsbury's to be too full, a few weeks ago

                    And so home. It was also lucky that I went early because it transpires that later, some people will be generating random numbers by a highly inefficient process involving a ball, in what seems to be an excessively large enclosed area set aside for that purpose. For reasons which escape me, many people seek to observe this activity, which leads to a large influx of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian. But I managed to miss all of that, despite not being aware of the occasion in advance and only realising from the various preparations for road closures and diversions that were being deployed along the route, ready for when the time comes


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