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test please delete

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    Morning all

    Bright blue sky out, not a cloud to be seen. Currently 11 degrees ('feels like' 9) with a high of 14 expected. Cloud cover set to increase as the day progresses but it's still going to remain sunny. No rain forecast. Barometer steady at 1018 mBar.

    Cold feet in bed isn't an age thing - I've never been able to sleep if my feet are cold but I find it's easily fixed with a pair of bed socks.

    Today's Kantar diary fact is:
    The first police constables from Robert Peel's Metropolitan Police Service appear on the streets of the London 1829


      Hectic morning so far

      I think it's been four pull requests merged for my stuff alone. Everything has now been deployed to production, so then I had to upload some source data and run the import script for that. Some stuff needed changing for the QuickSight visualisations too. And there's still loads more to sort out

      But all in all, it's going pretty well. We haven't broken prod, which is always a good sign


        Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
        ^^^ I'm thinking it's time for the electric blanket since my feet seem to take forever to warm up lately.
        Good thinking. I need to find mine, clean it, and make sure it's still safe.


          Lunch is the rest of the tomato and mascarpone soup (now with added chilli) accompanied by a freshly baked small baguette. Must buy some more of those.


            Couple of southern not-fried chicken drumsticks for lunch


              Originally posted by xoggoth View Post
              Does anyone else scrawl notes on bits of paper and then can't read them or remember what they are about? Just binned "coie slan 1698". Hope it wasn't summit important.
              well it has value I looked up what happened in 1698 and found this


              Ride a dragon upon St. George (1698)
              I do fancy
              Board a land carrack
              Play at rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch
              Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


                Well, that's been a busy but quite productive day

                I needed to sort out some QuickSight stuff which had been driving me up the wall for ages. Eventually, I sussed out that there was a different aspect of QS that could be utilised to get it working as desired. Although it made things slightly more laborious, it went very smoothly from then on, feeling more like I was working with the grain.

                So with that out of the way, I think there's only a few bits left to sort out tomorrow and I'll be done and dusted


                  and more


                  Gentleman usher & Presenting my credentials were my favourites on the male side.

                  I might pop up petticoat lane or into the thatched cottage.
                  Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


                    Walk briskly walked, all three rings closed

                    Though strictly speaking, I got the blue ring when I was pottering around getting my shoes and so on just before setting out

                    Bit chilly out this evening; 11°C, but there was no wind to speak of, and I soon warmed up once I got shifting


                      I had occasion to visit the petrol station forecourt on my way back, as some books awaited me in the Amazon Locker. It looks like they're very low on fuel or maybe have none at all. There was one bloke parked at a pump, a private hire cab I think, though I didn't actually see him putting fuel in.

                      But they've even run out of the things they hang on the pumps to say they're out of fuel, and have had to resort to putting cones in the way of some of them instead