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    No bins required trundling as I seem to still be on the Tuesday collection cycle.

    More Curse of Oak Island watched. Wood, a bit of lead, a dead end hole, crane operators strike and other stuff.


      Heading “oop north” to Surrey tomorrow. I hear it’s grim.
      …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


        Viewing has been the last, I think, of the Paddington thing; and a new episode of Police Interceptors

        Trundling was done this afternoon

        Earlyish night now so I can get my walk in early tomorrow. It's prescription-collecting week, so I'll make a detour for that too. And assuming the bin folk are still turning up early, I should be able to get the recycling bin back either before or after setting off

        Goodnight all


          Morning denizens

          Grey start but, in a bit of a shake-up, it's currently 16°C. No rain forecast, but that doesn't mean there won't be any. Barometers up a smidge at 1006/1014mB


            Morning all

            TFIF, etc.
            …Maybe we ain’t that young anymore


              Morning all

              Dull start to the day. Dry and should stay that way. Currently 16 degrees and a high of 22 is expected. Barometer steady at 1015 mBar.

              Day 2 of my CASM course. Some saying about old rope comes to mind

              Today's Kantar diary fact is:
              Greg James become the new host of the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show 2018

              That's a rubbish fact, I prefer this one:
              President Andrew Johnson formally declares the US Civil War over 1866


                Walk briskly walked, prescription collected, recycling bin inwardly trundled, green ring closed

                The recycling people were running a bit late today - the bin hadn't been done when I set out, but they were on the next road down, so nearly there. I seem to have timed it right for the pharmacy too, making it there about three minutes after their official opening time and thus beating the queue that was probably about to form


                  Originally posted by WTFH View Post
                  TFIF, etc.
                  Oh yes!





                    Briefly sunny.

                    White sky.

                    Warmer at 20.4 deg in here.

                    1011 mBar, 29.85 in Hg, 72% RH.


                    Bleach run through WM2 to kill the musty smell.

                    Sheets in WM2.

                    Smalls in WM1.

                    Smalls out of WM1 and into TD.

                    Shirts in WM1.

                    In other news the idle **** next door still hasn't brought in his bin & recycling bag.

                    They can stay there til they rot, I've had enough.

                    Walk walked to the res & back.

                    During which I found out that Frank had popped his clogs last November or December.

                    First there were four of us: Malcom Jones, Les Jones, Frank, and me, all trudging up the hill past the res on towards the grid, then on towards the 2nd grid, then past the 2nd gate & into the forest.

                    A mere 6.5 miles there & back, 8.5 miles for Les.

                    Malcolm was the first to pop his clogs but we knew about that.

                    Next was Les, but we only found out 3 months after he'd died when Don asked his wife how he was.

                    Then Frank popped his clogs last November/December which I found out this morning in a conversation with another elderly gentleman on my trudge upwards who remembered the four of us in our Last of the Summer Wine exploits.

                    Tempus Fugits, Sic transit glorious Mondays & all that.

                    Entertainment: NCIS S16 E4 "Third Wheel".

                    Lunch: poached tomato and scrambled egg on Morrisons sunflower and pumpkin seed crust toast, bramble jelly sandwich on same, yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie.

                    Car SOS: Lancia Fulvia from 1968: an Italian rustbucket that had escaped from the scrapyard in 1984 to be bodged up & sold to its present owner.

                    Amazingly enough there's a chap who makes sills & suchlike for the rusty POS.

                    Oh, and the V4 engine is fecked having been hydraulically locked at some time leading to a bent conrod.

                    Oooo, so that's how you lap valves.

                    Smalls out of TD and airing in front bedroom.

                    Shirts out of WM1 and into TD.

                    Cottons in WM1 on shirts set to 60 deg.

                    Shirts out of TD and awaiting the iRon.

                    Cottons out of WM1 and into TD

                    Cottons out of TD and airing on the bannisters.

                    Sheets out of WM2 and hanging on the line, though looking at the sky, they'll be in the TD shortly.

                    After half an hour, the sheets were back in the TD since it started raining.

                    Shirts iRoned and airing in the back bedroom hanging from the picture rails.

                    Sheets out of the TD & airing over the bannisters.

                    Bed remade so I don't have a horrible shock tonight.

                    Pillow slips as recalcitrant as ever.

                    Hot & sweaty now.

                    The Lancia was diagnosed as being rotten, but it seemed about as rotten as that rotten rusty Porsche they fettled earlier in the series, and at least all of it was there.

                    The funniest bit was after the bead blasting when Fuzz pulled some newpaper out of a box section which was dated about 6 months prior to the unfortunate owner buying it back in 1984.

                    The family name for it was "sausage" because it was recognized as being a bit of an old banger.

                    A car seller's dream & car buyer's nightmare: something that's shiny & deceptive on the surface covering a polished turd underneath.

                    The chap making the replacement panels is located somewhere in Wrexham.

                    Amazing what you can produce with a fly press, some hammers, and a bending machine.

                    Trucking Hell S4 E5. More Michael.

                    Tea: Tesco breaded cod, stewed apple & custard, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Entertainment: Discovering Diane Keaton.

                    The only films of hers that I've watched are The Godfather trilogy, plus a selection of others that I've forgotten about, especially the one with Jack Nicholson "Something's got to give (2003)".

                    Elementary S6 E21: "Whatever remains, however improbable".

                    "Gone Baby Gone": turned off after 10 mins despite the Voice of God being in it.

                    Thing about the hidden history of the London underground, turned off after half an hour.

                    Ian Hislop's trains that changed the world thing: it's about to get turned off, it's about, you guessed it, the London fecking underground.
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                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Sun's come out. I can't see it catching on

                      It's now low enough at this time of day that I end up drawing the curtains for a good chunk of the morning. One of the perils of having such tall windows is that even at this time of day, the sun can reach a good distance into the room. Give it a couple of months and it'll be dazzling me at my desk, right at the back