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test please delete

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    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post

    There is a car alarm going off that sort of sounds like mine but I'm not totally sure what my car alarm sounds like. Undecided if I should go out and check.
    It wasn't my car.



      Just a passing shower I think, but it'll help cool things down a little


        Tea has been BBQ chicken thighs and chips

        I've had these thighs sitting in the freezer for ages and kept forgetting about them, so it's good to finally get them out of the way


          There were a couple more showers, moderately heavy in parts, but they've moved on now

          Viewing has been S7E4 of Hospital, being mainly about neurology

          Suppose I'd better get some sleep now. Thursday tomorrow, which is only one day away from Friday!

          Goodnight all


            Morning denizens

            Back to more normal weather today, at least to start with: currently grey and overcast but still warm at 16°C, heading for 22° this afternoon when it might get a little sunnier too; barometer not changed much at 1006/1014mB


              Morning all

              Blue sky, dry, fluffy clouds. Currently 19 degrees, and a high of 24 later. Rain expected overnight. Barometer up to 1017 mBar.

              Tired, fed up. Rumours of Portugal going Amber may ruin my holiday this time next month. One place we're staying needs a month's notice of change/cancellation so we have to decide by tomorrow, before the official announcement is made, whether to cancel that booking and risk the price going up / no availability.

              Today's Kantar diary fact is:
              British Railways abolish third class rail travel 1956

              (some might say that's untrue...)


                Ents yesterday evening was The Violence Paradox, looking at how violent humans are to each other and considers that, despite appearances, we are living in the most peaceful times yet. Only two episodes, very interesting stuff.


                  My new iPhone 12 Pro Max is being delivered today

                  Driver currently en route to stop 27, I'm stop 111.



                    Darmp side of dryish.

                    Dark grey side of grey sky.





                    20.4 deg in here, so cooler.

                    1015 mBar, 29.97 in Hg, 64% RH.

                    Thursday according to reports.


                    It's doing the avatar thing again. NF now has my avatar back there in LR.

                    I didn't notice it doing it yesterday.


                    Walk walked in the chilly wind.

                    Had a hint of precipitation at one point but nothing came of it.

                    Sun is wanly out at the moment.

                    Took a different path on the way back, which was more pleasant than the road, but surprised a ?buzzard? in the woods.

                    There don't appear to be any Randolph Scott movies today.

                    And Trucking Hell S2 finished last week.

                    Trucking Hell S4 is on this evening.

                    Lunch: Heinz ham and lentil soup with Morrisons malted bread, bramble jelly sandwich on same x 2 (to get rid), yellow corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Sun's outer than it was.

                    Freecell score in the eternal ennui of an afternoon in retirement: 85% (it would have been 86% if I'd had the sense to give up at that stage), running average 84% (83.9%).

                    Tea: penultimate portion of the lamb mince chilli, with rice, some sliced peaches, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                    Entertainment: Discovering Leslie Howard on Sky Arts, inneresting enough.

                    Several of his films are residing in one or other of the stacks of dvds.

                    Whilst "Pimpernel Smith" is on tomorrow.

                    Entertainment: DS9 S7 E23 "Extreme Measures".

                    I see that Enterprise has been replaced by the unwatchable Voyager.

                    "Trucking Hell" S4 E?: wherein there is no Rory, rather that young Lantern chap appears twice.

                    He seems to take a rather different approach to things than other operators, not always with great success it must be said.

                    The refuse lorry in the ditch and the delivery van that had gone through the metal fence were not particularly inspiring.
                    Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 3 June 2021, 22:38.
                    When the fun stops, STOP.


                      Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                      It's doing the avatar thing again. NF now has my avatar back there in LR.
                      It was doing that yesterday too