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test please delete

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    Blue white sky with white fluffy clouds.

    Chilly. 16 deg in here.

    1016 mBar, in Hg, 53% RH.



    Walk walked.

    Since I didn't take an umbrella it started raining 400 yards from home today.

    2nd Cuckoo of the year heard.

    You don't hear one for 20 years or more, then two come along.

    Just like buses.

    Lunch: Heinz leek & potato soup with Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, bramble jelly sandwich on crust of same, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: The News Quiz.

    Curiously I've just realised, after replying to that job resignation thread Specifically In General, that I've jumped ship several times at the 3 week stage, and twice at the lunchtime on the first day stage, not to mention the 3 months of torture at a tuliphole in Cwmbran.

    'Tis no surprise that I can't get any work around here.


    Freecell score: 91%, running average 84% (83.8 something).

    Entertainment: The Curse of the Bermuda Triangle nonsense on Quest: the loss* of the yatch "SS Witchcraft" at buoy seven.

    *As in disappeared completely leaving no sign.

    So they do the sonar thing & find some hits, which when they dive turn out to be, rather unexpectedly, M60 tanks.

    Tea: the last portion of the fiery bol, with a generous helping of spag, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

    Entertainment: "Cat Ballou (1965)" with that Lee Marvin and Hanoi Jane Fonda.

    Just caught half of something called "Wheeler Dealers" on Dmax which featured a VW Corrado VR6 that they bought for £1200 & did up.

    I've never seen inside an ABS unit before, which they fixed by changing the PCB and the pump.


    Also fixed the oil leak from the oil cooler (changed the seals) and fixed the sunroof which explains why no one fixes sunroofs.

    "Cat Ballou (1965)" seemed longer than 90 minutes.

    The commentary is by a couple of the supporting actors and is quite funny.
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    When the fun stops, STOP.


      Dry and cloudy this morning. Rain expected about 2pm and temperatures plummet. From the living room, I can see the Staubbach Falls.The Lauterbrunnen valley is apparently the inspiration for Rivendell. It's very near where On Her Majesty's Secret Service was filmed, but Monday, we'll be on the otherside of the valley, around the Eiger. Very quiet and peaceful.

      This afternoon, staying in. Kebabs this evening.
      Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


        Afternoon denizens

        It's been a bit sunny out but it's clouding over now, with rain forecast later in the afternoon. Stats: 9°C heading for 11°, 1006/1014mB


          Late light lunch of a couple of rounds of buttered wholemeal toast


            The supposed showers aren't really happening, though now and again a very few drops fall for a minute or so. But it's generally quite sunny out, which is nicer than was forecast


              The weather must have been reading TPD as it's rained properly now. Probably practising for when I go to the Chinese

              I just found that a limited edition BFI Blu-ray box set, Alan Clarke at the BBC, that I bought about five years ago for just over a hundred quid is now only available on Amazon from two sellers, who want £260 and £300 quid for it

              I still haven't actually watched any of it

              But it's got a remaster of the original, banned-by-the-BBC Scum among many other good things, so I really ought to get into it some time


                In the Chinese


                  Lovely afternoon had with the parentals. My brother, SiL and nephew popped round too.

                  I stopped at the BP garage around the corner from the parentals to chuck the car through the car wash and top up the petrol. I tend to then text my Mum from there so they know I'm nearly there and start making my bacon sandwich. Annoyingly, the shop has a traffic light system to control numbers inside. Not annoying in itself except it's quite a big shop (M&S) but they only allow four people at a time in. They don't have a 'petrol only' means of making payment so you have to queue outside while Doris and Geoff do a weekly shop. So, my transaction took about 30 minutes instead of about five.

                  My brother noticed that there were suspicious marks on my rear bumper that looked like a white van had done a direct bump (most likely when parking). Dad had a go at polishing it out and made it look a bit better but there's still scratches. It's plastic so won't rust as a result but still annoying.

                  I was most perplexed with my parents' TV. It has a USB slot for adding an external hard drive. Not all that uncommon. I had acquired The Shield for them as whatever channel they were watching it on stopped airing episodes after the first two or three episodes of Season 4 and I wanted to check that .mkv files would work with their TV. So far, so good. The external hard drive I used was one that previously had stuff on it which I deleted before putting the episodes on. The TV picked up all the stuff I'd 'deleted' and none of the new stuff (as far as I could tell, but I didn't go through everything as the UI is crap). I know technically nothing gets deleted, it's just a pointer in the master file table that gets removed, but I still didn't expect to see the files listed. Now I'm wondering what is the best way to deal with that.

                  There were some showers off and on, from light drizzle to decent rain. Some rain on the drive home but nothing substantial.
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                    Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                    In the Chinese
                    Very nice as always

                    Busyness status: I got a curt "Yes" as she rushed back into the kitchen to loudly harangue the people working in there


                      Big on the major movie premieres tonight, starting with Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn which is about… well, what it says, really. It has its flaws, but it also has its good points, and overall I rather enjoyed it

                      And then The Da Vinci Code (2006) of which the first thought that springs to mind is "What the **** is this tulip?" I know the book is generally considered to be execrable by everybody other than the millions of people who apparently liked it, but I had vaguely assumed that, in the same way that good books are often turned into bad films, they might have turned a bad book into a good film. They didn't, and if they tried, then I can't imagine how bad the book must be

                      So it was a relief to then turn to a rewatch of Gravity (2013), because at least it's good

                      Goodnight all