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    Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

    A very pleasant evening for it, if not tremendously warm - around 10°C. The last of the sunset was still gilding the chimney pots of the higher houses towards the end

    And on the way out, I noticed that a parcel which arrived here yesterday via Hermes, intended for a resident of next-door-but-one, was still sitting in the hall. So I nipped across the front gardens (there's no fences or hedges in the last couple of feet nearest the houses) and delivered that to him. Apparently the Messenger of the Gods had left a note to the effect that "Yeah, no, you weren't in" but hadn't deigned to say where it had been left; he'd tried the houses next door to him, but hadn't yet thought of venturing so far afield as ours, so he was most grateful


      Tea has been steak & kidney Pukka pie, with chips, peas and gravy; and thus absolutely wonderful


        Beautiful banana moon on its way down to the west outside the kitchen window. Check your kitchen, you might have one too


          Tonight's major motion picture premiere was one of those that I vaguely assumed I'd seen on the telly sometime in the 1970s or 1980s, but it turns out I almost certainly hadn't because I didn't remember it: Patton (1970), which I thought was absolutely excellent

          The famous opening scene was parodied in the opening scene of that Royal Flash that was filmed at my school, but I think the original is better even though it doesn't have me in it

          And then I rewatched The Intern because it's wonderful and I like it

          But then back to life, back to reality, with The Shield S2E13 Dominoes Falling (TV Episode 2003). Comparatively laid-back, this one; most people's lives are being destroyed in terms of acceptance or rejection by societal structures, rather than having their noses cut off or whatever. Their lives still get destroyed though, so hey-ho

          Goodnight all


            Temperature 2.1 °C
            Relative humidity 83%
            Pressure 984 hPa

            And sunny.

            Wife's off to work. Grandkids and son are round here.
            Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


              Morning all

              Beautiful sunny morning with clear blue sky. Currently 8 degrees with a forecast high of 12 later. Cloud cover expected to increase but unlikely to rain. Barometer down to 1028 mBar.

              Was up early for a walk to the Science Museum to get dosed up. There were a couple of cafes opening up and I was almost tempted to stop for a cuppa and a bite to eat but my favourite one wasn't open so I didn't.

              Today's Kantar diary fact is:
              Geraldine 'Jerrie' Mock becomes the first woman to fly solo around the world in a single engine plane; a 'Cessna 180' 1964
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                Now that I've had some coffee, it's time to do a few chores.

                First up, laundry. Finally remove the dry stuff so I can replace it with the wet stuff that will be ready for hanging out in an hour.




                  Blue sky with wispy white clouds.

                  Warmer in here at 16.1 deg.

                  1029 mBar, 30.39 in Hg, 52% RH.


                  Woke at 04:55 ish after another dream.

                  The World Service served to send me back to sleep, along with the Shipping Forecast, dozing being the order of the day all the way through until 09:00.


                  Walk walked.

                  The clouds look a bit odd.

                  Originally posted by NickFitz View Post
                  Beautiful banana moon on its way down to the west outside the kitchen window. Check your kitchen, you might have one too
                  We had one of those just now but it's in the east.

                  Unlike the kitchen which is in the north.

                  Lunch: Heinz pea and ham soup with Morrisons wholemeal sunflower and spelt bread, 2 x bramble jelly sandwiches on same, red pippy corner yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  Goodness me, we're putting on a show for Phil the Greek, as viewable on the Red Button.


                  The Red Button was sans commentary so I turned on the other tv and watched that at the same time so the pompous Welsh twat could do his spiel with the sound turned down & the subtitles on.

                  As it happened, the delays between the HD vs SD subtitles was just right.

                  Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

                  Though, at a guess, I won't get the gunfire to go with it.

                  Or the bands.

                  Tea: spag and fiery bol, tinned peaches, a yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

                  One forgot to mention that the commentary on "Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)" by John Carpenter was much drier and to the point than his other commentaries with Kurt Russell proved to be.

                  I may watch the remake this evening if I can't think of anything else to watch.

                  Instead of which it was: "Manhunter (1986)" directed by Michael Mann, with Brian Cox (not the astronomer), William Petersen, and Dennis Farina.
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                  When the fun stops, STOP.


                    A light breakfast of scrambled eggs on a toasted muffin. I was going to have another coffee but instead went for a glass of clementine juice instead.


                      Afternoon denizens

                      Another sunny one and up to 12°C this time, though there's some very high, thin hazy stuff which may be what will keep it there; 1018/1026mB

                      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                      Was up early for a walk to the Science Museum to get dosed up.

                      Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
                      We had one of those just now but it's in the east.
                      Early riser