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    Lunch has been Heinz oxtail soup with sesame bloomer toast. Very nice


      Originally posted by vetran View Post
      Breakfast was the last of the Kedgeree which was really nice.

      Lunch will probably be cheese / ham toasted on Granary.

      Dinner is PAPRIKASH of lamb hearts. 3 large portions made (family wont eat something so exotic) , add a load of veg and some red wine happy days!

      Two recipies printed off from that site. vetran. You're my new best friend. I love lambs heart from the first time I was dared to take it instead of the veggy course at school. So good.

      Lunch was snails, oven croquette potatoes, purple smash, boiled from frozen mixed veg and beans boiled in chicken stock. An eclectic mix. The I drove wifey to work, caused a tram to do an emergency stop and went home.

      NickFitz - try doing an oxtail slow cook stew sometime. It's completely different from oxtail soup. Jamie Oliver's recipe is not bad once you're the matey style. https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/...d-oxtail-stew/

      This evening - beanz on toast. Proper Heinz Beans.
      Down with racism. Long live miscegenation!


        Late lunch was the remainder of the tin of soup I opened yesterday.


          Reckon I'll call it a day now and go for my walk


            During my last meeting of the day, I did some dusting of the shelves in my office and reorganised the bottles of booze on them so that they better align by type of spirit.

            That's the most productive I've felt all day.


              Walk briskly walked, green ring closed

              Quite sunny out there now - though not for long as the sun sets very soon


                dinner has been stovies, and very nice too.
                with a nice Rioja.
                organising the disposal of a cast off husk is a bloody palaver.
                I blame all the sky fairy people for the legal pish, myself.
                Endeavor for ents, i think.
                happy Odin's day all.


                  Tea tonight has been a roast pork dinner with the usual trimmings, and exceedingly nice it was too


                    Well food was Hearts, sweet potato, baby corn, sugar snap peas and a nice red.
                    Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.


                      Wasn't in the mood for any telly other than a bit of Police Interceptors whilst dining

                      Even earlier night now - I'll start getting up at a "decent" time any day now!

                      Goodnight all