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    Originally posted by DaveB View Post
    Bargin Store, like Wilko's without the up market presentation. Great for knitted coats with pictures of wolves on the back and multipacks of chocolate bars you've never heard of.
    Wait until the South discovers the joy of Boyes *, Thankfully they never will as they won't serve anywhere more than 3 hours drive from Scarborough

    * the website does not demonstrate the actual joy you will find in a store. Anyone who does anything crafty will love it.
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    merely at clientco for the entertainment


      Morning denizens

      Grey and rainy out, 4°C and likely to sink as snow is predicted for the afternoon

      Barometric pressure: 1005/1013mB. The first, unadjusted value now comes from my barebones barometer iPhone app that just shows the raw sensor value; the adjusted value from the free-with-ads barometer app created by somebody who at least produces finished apps, even if they didn't think to provide the option of viewing both unadjusted and adjusted values without changing settings


        I interviewed for a gig at Wilkinson's/Wilko HQ a few years ago. They started out in 1930 as a hardware shop on Upper Charnwood Street in Spinney Hill, across the city (and a neighbourhood where I've lived several times, though that bit was extensively redeveloped in the 1970s and the shop is gone), but they're now based up near Worksop. They had an interesting website improvement project coming up, though I can't remember the details, but although the interview seemed to go well, I didn't hear any more and within a week or two I'd accepted a gig elsewhere and thought no more about it.

        Then, something like two months later, the Wilko agent contacted me to say they'd really liked me and were now ready to start the project, so was I still available

        I wasn't by then, of course, so that was the end of that.

        Turns out The Pink Stuff is also available at Sainsbury's, but B&M is cheaper. On the other hand, the local B&M is next to B&Q (it was built on part of the latter's car park) so there's always the danger of popping in "just for a look" and emerging with the savings blown on a variety of interesting-looking tools for which I have no use even if I understood their purpose in the first place


          Oh, and the results of the overnight slow cookery have been divided into two parts; half is now back in the slow cooker with half of the meat and the pea/lentil/barley/etc. mix, turning into Scotch broth. The remainder and the rest of the meat will be turned into scouse later in the day, as I don't have enough space near a free electrical socket to run the slow cooker and the InstantPot™ at the same time


            Lunch was some left over bulgar wheat with vegetables. Defrosting some of the sausage and chicken from last week to have for dinner.


              Originally posted by NickFitz View Post

              Turns out The Pink Stuff is also available at Sainsbury's, but B&M is cheaper.
              You've solved the mystery of what supermarket I've seen it in.
              "You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR


                B&M is rather good: sells baked beans cheaper than Morrisons, and I bought a couple of hdmi region free dvd players from them a couple of years ago at the astonishing price of £15 each.
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  The Scotch broth isn't going to be ready until later in the afternoon, so I need to decide what to have for lunch instead as I'm hungry now

                  But at least it'll have a night in the fridge for the flavours to mature before becoming lunch tomorrow


                    Has room been made in the freezer?


                      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                      Has room been made in the freezer?
                      I'm working on it… I'm aiming for four or five broths and four scouses, though one of the broths will be tomorrow's lunch. There should be room for them all if I move some stuff around to pack it in tighter

                      Though tonight I roast the Big Chicken, which means I'll be making some form of chicken soup in the next few days and will have to fit that in too

                      The struggle is real, but struggling because of having too much food is still better than the opposite