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    Originally posted by BR14 View Post
    At great risk to my freedom*, i can report that the addled one has been declared COV19 free.
    Now to recover from the hip replacement, and have a few more years in a nice care home, hopefully.

    *posting positively in CUK is frowned upon by all the miserable sods who infest General.

    That is good news. I'm sure your partner is very happy and is looking forward to some uneventful time coming up


      Today has been busy. Mostly my fault as I discovered that I'd messed something up due to an inability to properly copy/paste within Excel while filters were on. Rookie mistake.

      I did the honourable thing - looked for a permie to blame.

      Actually, that's not true. I told the PM the delay in completing a piece of work was my fault and that I'd fix it.

      So, all day I've spent fixing it. I am nearly there but my brain is dead so I am stopping for now.

      Next job will be to copy / paste the final stuff into a word template, as that is the client's requirement. Oh and I need to knock up a basic process map to reference and show that there's logic in there somewhere.


        In my wanderings around the Internet, I recently came across a recommendation for The Pink Stuff, specifically the paste version, for cleaning things like metal and ceramic surfaces. I found the cheapest supplier on Amazon (four tubs for less than some were charging for one - always worth scrolling down a bit) and I just set it to work trying to spruce up the sink and draining board, which are 1980s vintage stainless steel now suffering from areas of pitting and the occasional rust spot.

        And you know what? It's really good! The whole thing looks better now than it did when I first moved here, I reckon

        It's basically just a very thick paste of soap and vegetable oil with a mild abrasive (and some pink dye), but it's well worth a look if you have anything in need of such a treatment.


          The bones have been extracted from the shoulder of lamb and a load of veg cut up, ready for making stock in the slow cooker overnight. Then tomorrow, it'll be split into two parts: half carries on in the slow cooker to make Scotch broth, and the rest goes in the Instant Pot™ for scouse


            Watching Inside the Factory about yoghurt.

            Dinner was some crab and crayfish pasta and a selection of meats and cheeses antipasti.


              Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
              In other joys, her next door may have the chinese plague.

              Mind how you go…


                Tea has been lamb scouse with the thick end of a sesame bloomer, both of which help to make room in the freezer for the Scotch broth and lamb scouse I'm making tomorrow


                  By the way, the bits of the city centre I visited this afternoon (which weren't the main thoroughfares by any stretch, being more the little back streets off which we bury kings) were extremely quiet and empty. Even the marketplace hardly had anybody in it. All much quieter than around here


                    Tonight's viewing, apart from the usual police stuff whilst eating, was Bron/Broen S2E10, being the final piece of the puzzle

                    The slow cooker is on, so the kitchen should have a nice brothy aroma first thing in the morning

                    Goodnight all


                      Morning all

                      Dark and wet out, raining. Currently 6 degrees that's the best it'll do today. Rain will continue to feature throughout. Barometer down to 1003 mBar.

                      Today's Kantar diary fact is:
                      Greek archaeologists discover 'The Lyceum' in Athens, Greece 1997