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    Leftover Chinese for lunch: a bit of crispy duck, and some beef chow mein quickly refried with lashings of soy sauce


      The drive to Gerry's was uneventful, even the awful bit of the A4 through Knightsbridge was easily passable. Lots of idiot drivers (both car and scooter). I swore a lot at them all.

      Very quiet in town, I have to say. Very unbecoming for a crisp, sunny Sunday afternoon.

      I then tried to be clever on the way back and thought I was on Old Brompton Road but ended up on Fulham Road. So this meant me wondering why taking a left was not taking me to where I ought to be. Being one road further down, I should have been looking for a right. Fortunately, what with traffic levels being so low, it wasn't too bad. Stuff was dropped off at the storage place and then we had a quick wizz round the den of chaos that is the Tesco Superstore on Cromwell Road.

      Parking space secured near enough outside my flat and my reverse parking was exemplary today (if you ignore the first attempt where I didn't angle it quite right and then managed to stall the car).

      All in all, a very productive afternoon.


        Tea: several bramble jelly sandwiches on Morrisons multigrain bread/Morrisons wholemeal sunflower & spelt bread, Morrisons scotch egg (reduced), Ginsters Moroccan vegan pasty, yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

        And, for the first time in several years, some Tesco raspberry ripple icecream.

        Because I'm worth it.

        My arteries are hardening even as I type.


        The Oak Island nutjobs on Blaze at 21:00 wherein we find Yet More Wood.

        And a chunk of iron.

        Other than that, dunno really, we'll see what appeals.

        Oh, and that LED battery lantern thing is astonishingly bright.
        When the fun stops, STOP.


          Landlady is sending me the Tado kit to install, arriving tomorrow. This is very good news as HWMBO can sort that for me while I'm "working".


            The smell of roasting chicken emanating from the kitchen is making me feel hungry.

            We picked up some Italicus today so our afternoon cocktails have been based around that. Very interesting flavour


              Not at all in the mood for exercising today, but it would be a shame to end my unbroken run since late May so: exercise bicycling done, green ring closed


                Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post

                The Oak Island nutjobs on Blaze at 21:00 wherein we find Yet More Wood.

                And a chunk of iron.

                Other than that, dunno really, we'll see what appeals.
                "Meet Joe Black (1998)" with Anthony "Hannibal Lector" Hopkins and Brad Pitt, plus the lawyer/judge from Hill St. Blues.

                The nutjobs are busy pumping water out of the swamp.

                The dendro on the log in Smith's Cove is in:

                Red Spruce: 1741.

                20 years before the U shaped structure.

                Now they're off to Louisbourg to have a look at the French fort and its secret tunnels.

                Oer Mrs.

                Some French nobleman (Duc d'Anville) with the inevitabe links to the Knights that say Ni

                Gary's got the metal detector out.

                Bit of cut lead/musket ball.

                And lo! on the beach, an encrusted conglomerate (i.e. a lump of rusty crap).

                It's an old axe.

                Meanwhile at Louisbourg they're admiring the French drains.

                There's a countermine tunnel but they can't look inside coz it's full of bats.

                The countermine tunnel is in The Shape Of A Cross!


                180 feet long. Straight as an arrow.

                Meanwhile back at the swamp now it's drained back down.

                The "paved area" looks manmade.

                Next week: proof the paved area is manmade.
                Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 22 November 2020, 21:57.
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Tea has been sausages and bacon sandwiched in buttered sesame bloomer toast. Delicious and nutritious


                    The roast chicken was delicious.

                    Watched some Blackadder II as it's very entertaining. They don't do comedy like that any more.

                    Now having a mince pie, warmed in the popity ping, with cream.


                      The bed has been made before it got too late.