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test please delete

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    Originally posted by eek View Post
    Enjoy Glasgow
    It usually works out ok!


      Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
      The flight change took about 20 mins on the phone and I had to part with an additional £8. Now at T5 first wing to drop off my case and then I can get trollied in the lounge.
      Typhoid Mary does Scotland


        Tea: Ginsters Vegan Moroccan pasty, bramble jelly sandwich, yog, 0.91 pints of good Glengettie tea.

        Entertainment: 2nd commentary on "Goldfinger (1964)", this one by the hewers of wood & drawers of water.

        "From Russia with Love (1963)".

        Made, back in the day, when we'd never heard of Enigma, Bletchley Park, Bombes, Lorentz, or Colossus.

        "Mud sweat and tractors: Beef" on BBC4.

        Took 4 years to market back in the 50s, it's 15 months these days.

        This is turning me into a vegetarian.

        I've never seen anyone shaving a calf before.

        I wonder why it should have prompted me to look for "The Horses" by Edwin Muir.

        Oak Island Nutjobs on Blaze at 21:00.

        And the search for The Money Pit continues.

        Having found shaft 2, they're now looking for the tunnel that comes off it towards the money pit itself.

        Which involves drilling yet more holes.

        Meanwhile down in the bump out in Smith's cover, they've found more flat stones and a piece of wood.

        Gary has found a lump of something which may have iron inside it.

        Stay tuned for Yet More Excitement.

        Have they found a wharf, Worfe, or pier or Piers?

        The drilling has found nothing for 100 feet, then wood in F14.

        Next: F15.

        And after the break: yet another guy who draws lines on stuff.

        It's the chap who looks at paintings by Poisson.

        And thusly The Eye of the Swamp is highlighted.

        Where they found something a couple of weeks ago.

        Next day Dr Spooner has returned to probe the swamp.

        Back at the cove, Gary finds a wooden peg.

        And a large treetrunk is exposed.

        Apparently the swamp sample A dates back to 1600 to 1700 odd.

        The swamp began to form about 1200 or so.

        Here come the Knights who say Ni!

        Next week: they drain the swamp.

        Gary finds a piece of silver in the cove.

        Tune in for yet more wood.
        Last edited by DoctorStrangelove; 1 November 2020, 21:58.
        When the fun stops, STOP.


          Tea was chicken tagine with new potatoes, washed down with a G&T.

          No ents other than people watching.


            Early tea as I didn't have any lunch and was famished: sausage & onion casserole, with chips and peas


              Just ordered a glass of champagne because, well, why not?


                Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                No ents other than people watching.
                Telescopic sight?
                When the fun stops, STOP.


                  Originally posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
                  Telescopic sight?
                  I wish. Woman opposite has headphones plugged into something while watching noisy stuff on her phone. I thought at first she was just a bit clueless but now I realise she's just rude.


                    Originally posted by ladymuck View Post
                    Just ordered a glass of champagne because, well, why not?
                    Why not indeed?


                      Showers out there now, and it's very windy